I'm giving up on building

Its rewards are bare to none. You're better off raiding because that gets you both more currency and you'll rank up faster. Building doesn't grant me anything other than 'hurr hur look at me I got kills on newbs' and then others speedrun through my base or abandon my outpost, or get 1 to 0 raids. Also building takes time and you'll lose more than gaining rewards.

I'm going to reach Master rank then stop playing. I'm at gold 03 so I'm close then I'm done with this game until late June unless they make building more rewarding and less punishing.


  • TragicSolitude
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    Building is pretty unrewarding. BHVR has "Accolades" in case that can help Builders feel like their efforts aren't for naught, but BHVR screwed up so bad on console that a lot of players don't even give Accolades.

    I deactivated all my Outposts over a week ago and haven't re-activated them since. No one was Raiding them, there was no fun to be had in keeping them active. They mess with Rank, anyway, because every time some speedrunner was slummin' it to avoid dying in Brutal I was seeing negative Rank points after successfully raiding an Outpost on the first try (the game doesn't inform you that's why you lose Rank, but I figured it out after deactivating my Outposts and my Rank gains/losses stopped being inconsistent).

    It's counterproductive for the Rank system to punish players for being ambitious: be perfect or go home. Players are reacting in a very predictable and negative manner that's hurting the game because, surprise, people don't like feeling punished and will try anything to avoid it.

    I'm at Gold IV and more and more I'm thinking of stopping the moment I reach Master. Gold IV is a horrible grind. I was so happy to reach Gold III and be almost done, and then I saw Gold IV and really considered uninstalling right there. It feels like such a "screw you" to players.

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    Or you could build for fun. I don't understand the rush to prestige since at master it gets retired. Except for that seemingly easy platinum trophy.

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    building is about earning passive genmat which is basically chimera xp. which is how you get the most currency. which is how you unlock new features. that's why you can have 5 bases. there are 5 genmat types.

    9000 genmat per base versus 3750 per raid. yeah, if you raid consistently then after 15 raids you get more from raiding.

    but if you're wanting to level fast you do both.

    because 18000 genmat will always be more than 9000. and doing 30 raids a day is a lot.

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    Yeah I have only been raiding and I only built once to get the max prestige trophy other than that nope I ain't building sh*t.

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    Even raiding is getting worse by the minute. People are already massively exploiting the opaque corrosive cubes with a bunch of different traps behind it like bolts and incinerators. Throwing grenades won't help either because they have counter measures for that so it falls underneath the traps and there are more than 1 corrosive cube so grappling won't help either.

  • TragicSolitude
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    Oh yeah, that crap's so fun. Yesterday I had a walkway of pistons lined by second wave Corrosive Cubes with the splash damage effect. Take a step forward, wait for the red flash and listen to the sound the trap makes, take a step back, put up the shield to block Bolts with Hunter or the Iron Claw, wait for the shield to recharge, double check to make sure the Bolt trap doesn't have Double Shot, then take care of the next piston and do it again. I hope the Builder loads up the replay and is as bored watching it as I was doing it.

    If the Builder uses Incinerators too it's like, "Nope, sorry, don't know what happened there, my game must have crashed or something." There are tons of well done Outposts out there not getting Raiders and I end up on this nonsense? Yeah, neither side is having the best of experiences.

  • Ἥφαιστος
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    It's not solely about that, it's that my outposts barely get any raids, and if it does, then people are so careful or understand the entire game already that even with setups that I learned from people or myself, there is no stopping them from having a 0 death run.

  • Ἥφαιστος
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    I don't know what to do besides raiding but it gets boring real quick and I like building more except the costs are so huge that I have to keep raiding since barely anyone is raiding my outposts.

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    I am respectfully curious here:

    What does proper rewards for building look like to you guys? Like actual numbers of reward, speed of progression, and such.

    I read the above complaints and some of it I understand (not getting acolades, nobody running the base), but I also dont build to have the bases level me or think I can 'survive' on the synthite they generate; I usually have to raid for that.

    Maybe I am just not where you are at yet. I didnt ever think hitting 'master' was something I would be able to do (im really mediocre at raiding) so I didnt care much about it either. I think gold IV is quite impressive from my bronze III standing.

  • Seraphor
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    Discounting the very real issues of under-exposure and simply not getting any raiders, I think an individual outpost should be able to sustain itself, which means generating the synthite required to reset or prestige it. (if raided, which it should be, and if it scores enough deaths)

    This alone won't allow you to progress at all, because you will need additional synthite in order to purchase upgrades to traps/guards/boosts, etc.

    In addition to fixing the issues whereby you aren't adequately rewarded for deaths in your own outpost (drops fail to 'spawn' when re-entering your outpost), this could be done simply by lowering the cost of resetting/prestiging an outpost by about 50%, you will then still need to fork out extra to purchase burial grounds initially.

  • MadMoeZel
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    more raids for me <3

  • TragicSolitude
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    Not if players who stop building also stop raiding, which seems to be a pretty common sentiment.

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    I've mastered 6 bases. And the only thing that really bothers me is that there is no reward for getting to Prestige 10.

    1. I feel like it's way to easy to prestige in the first place
    2. When you do get to level 10 you get nothing for it

    So you expect me to continue playing after that. I've taken a break for now because getting to prestige 10 sucks. The rewards that you get along the way are fine in my opinion, but the reward for getting to prestige 10 literally don't exist.

  • MadMoeZel
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    as people quit, their bases will fall out of the roster, meaning mine show up more, and to be honest, quitters wouldn't have raided my bases anyways.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i turned my P10 into an educational map for new players to learn about traps and practice acid parkour. i plan on making future P10s into community projects as well.