Co-Op Rank Points Not Working

RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

My friend and I have been playing Co-Op raids A LOT and we noticed that whoever is the host gets WAY more Rank points. Even if we both leave a base with neither of us dying, whoever is NOT the host either gets 0 points, or negative points. It looks like it has to do with not providing the guest points for getting the Gen Mat? As if they left without it?

We tried this both with me as host and him as host, and you can see that whoever is the guest does not get "GenMat Stolen" on their raid summary.

When I am the host:

And then when he is the host:

This is just 2 examples, but we tested this over and over and over and over again. Even if the guest does better than the host: No deaths, more destruction, etc. etc. the guest ranks worse or ranks negative. It REARELY gives the guest GenMat points. Seems to only happen on Champion Outposts that it works like normal.

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  • Mcdazzlez
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    Also to add the host gets normal xp for destroying traps etc but the other player gets only 1 xp per trap kill etc. It makes coop a bit of a waste for grinding.

  • ZeroX
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    Yep, this happens to me and my buddy too. I already made bug report some days ago.