Leave a short comment after raiding?

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I've been to a lot of raids where I wish I could communicate my thought a bit more in depth than "Fun,Brutal,ingenious,artistic" to the builder.

So I was wondering, how about the ability to leave a short comment alongside your accolade.

"Nice work, keep going"

"Fix the lava hole beside the GenMat"

"Please don't block tombs"

"Loved your traps, can't believe I fell for that"

Now I'm very obviously aware that 90% of the comments are gonna be more along the lines of "Ur trash, Great another killbox, u exploit abuser, get a life"

But I just wanted your thought, am I the only one who wish I could congratulate the builders after running a good raid?

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  • MosC_AtheL
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    I agree. Can be very funny reading peoples comments.

    This is like warzone 2 audio when you kill somebody or player s note in eledenring. Really cool

  • wydyadoit
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    can't wait to spam "git gud", "wow you're sad kid", "ez", "you suck", "your mom", "doodie" and "____insert offensive comment here__" after every raid.

    obviously this is sarcasm/satire.

  • hastarkis
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    As for "fix the hole behind genmat" - I guess they can find it out from your replay. Sometimes those holes are intended to be there and reward exploration.

    I always nod at good traps or if I definitely know what's coming. And I shake my camera at blocked tombs. Shake my head furiously if I'm mad at myself for stupid death haha. That's enough communication for me tbh xD

    But I'd like to see smth like dark souls system with templates and special dictionary, tho. So it's hard to insult people but enough to leave a short message.

  • magic1236
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    Ya definitely think it would be interesting, something that could help stifle the toxicity is you can choose if you want comments open on a raid, or even have it where you “block” comments from a specific user. So you don’t block them from doing your raids but keep them from being able to comment on them.

    AND YES I wish there was a sort of accolade system a builder can use on raiders. Like I always wanted to be able to show how like it’s great that they persisted through or things like that.

  • MadameExotine
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    I am on PS4, and played a map I was so impressed with that I sent a PSN dm to the builder letting them know how much I appreciated the amount of thought/time they put into it. So at least there is that for when both raider and builder are on PS4/PS5

    Also find it hilarious when raiders communicate with me in replays by shaking their head or nodding after evading a trap or getting outsmarted,.. kinda like DbD 😝

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I personalky wouldnt trust the comment to be anything less than toxic. I would immedistely block the feature; but that doesnt mean it eouldnt be enjoyable for others to use it.

    Here are some actions I use to comunicate as raider.

    A left lean then right lean as a thank you for tombs not being blocked.

    A slow look down then back to center to simulate bowing before leaving as a sign of respect for the time taken to present a challege for me to complete.

    Looking side to side for a 'smh' over things like blocking the tomb, killing harevy before I can get out of the starting zone and other exploits being used.

    Killing Harvey for no reason and or repeatedly attacking a dead guard to express frustation at dying to the build.

  • zuth10
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    I think this could work with a varied list of pre-made comments to choose from. Such as a list of trap names to choose from and then I list of phrases such as: bad placement, very good, too easy, genius!, etc.

    Something along those lines could work and then maybe have the option to allow custom typed comments in the settings if you'd like to deal with the possible toxicity.