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The danger level seems to be random and change for no reason on levels. I've made levels specifically to fall well within the normal or dangerous level, and somehow they end up becoming a higher danger level without me ever actually adding any traps or enemies into the level. I've had very easy levels with only a few traps or enemies, suddenly become "Brutal", and it seems that no matter how many enemies I remove it stays brutal, even though it had previously been only Dangerous.

I just had a level that was registering as normal, but I wanted to add a mod to an enemy that I didn't own yet. So I left the builder, and went and bought the mod, but as soon as I returned to the builder, the level had somehow become "Dangerous. And again, I tried deleting a multiple higher level traps, and it did nothing to bring the level back down.

Something is clearly wrong with this system.

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  • Digfish
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    My base just went from Dangerous to Brutal and the only thing I did was hit prestige. I didn't add anything or change anything. It just randomly increased the danger level after I prestiged.

    I just don't understand. I've made brutal levels that have 4 times as many traps and enemies as this one. How can the margins for normal and dangerous bases be soooooo small. I have to think it's just bugged.

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    I'm also having this issue

    I've had this a few times while trying to make outposts that are within the 'Normal' range on danger. Saw a few posts saying there isn't enough so I figured I would make a few. I try to put in just enough traps that the danger level does not rise to 'Dangerous'. I place a trap, wait about 20 seconds for the level to adjust the rating. However the last couple times I came back to a level after adjusting it and the danger level has risen to 'Dangerous'? Am I not understanding how the rating works? Is it a combination of kill average and number of points invested in traps? As meantioned above does prestige have anything to do with the rating? It sucks having to keep taking more out after I was sure it was in the right range.

  • PinkiePie
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    The 'danger' system of the outpost is very opaque and messy. From what I have noticed, the traps have a level of danger that depends on the distance of the trap from the path the collector is taking. The closer the trap is to the path, the higher the 'danger' level it gains. It works the same way with the guards.

  • L3goury
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    This bug happened during beta aswell. Like crashes, bug on replays, ...

    Nothing change in almost 2 months.

    And btw, when this bug appears, just leave outpost, come back and make a change on trap/unit. The "good danger" of outpost will be show !!!

    And to be sure its really the bug, when your "difficulty" changes, just destroy some traps/units and look if "difficulty" decreases. If it doesnt, its bugged.

  • MadMoeZel
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    this isn't a bug, you're missing information. the outpost calculates difficulty when something is placed or removed. if you place a guard who can't see harvey's path it will give you one difficulty, but if you then start a patrol that lets the guard see harvey's path, the difficulty can go up. this change won't be reflected until you either change the map again, or leave and come back in. i supposed it's inability to read that and update it live could be considered a bug, but it's more of a display error. the correct difficulty is being applied. traps that share a space in their activation range also count more towards difficulty so if you remove a regular block (not adding any new traps) and it allows 2 traps that didn't share activation zones to start sharing, it can increase difficulty. traps and guards placed farther away from and facing away from harvey's path count less towards difficulty. you can actually utilize this to stack tons of guards all facing away from harvey's route and then 1 or 2 patroling guards to trigger a mass bloodlust that won't count as them looking at harvey.

  • Digfish
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    I think you've misunderstood. I literally don't change anything and the danger level changes. Like I go into the map, I prestige it. Do nothing else. And the danger level changes. That is a bug.