QoL, Features, and things i want changed.

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More colorblind support

Many Colorblind players i have talked to have a hard time with various things in the game. Changing the recital color would allow color blind people to play the game more easily, Also possibly allowing for the changing of corrosive cube color since it washes the surrounding area in a red hue especially when stacked or used in hall ways.

Better social filtering/map finding

A better social menu with proper filtering.

also changing the normal map finding system to a list like social with filtering features.

Making accolades more important and a downvote system

more focus on accolades instead of kills for base performance and build incentive and a downvote system.

Corrosive blocks

Corrosive blocks to be at the very least consistent behavior not just second wave. i don't know if traps shooting though them needs to be removed game balance wise. but most players find it very annoying and unfun when a level is just cubes that block the vision of a trap forcing them to inch one step at a time and it also makes the game very hard to play for people that have hearing Disorders.

Favoriting Maps (social/Normal)

Favoriting maps so you can revisit them.

More statistics show about the raid you completed

Better statistics shown about the map you have played, Fastest Clear, Least deaths (this would go well with the ability to retry/find/favorite maps you have played and give the game more replayablity.

Harvey Upgrade/Less restrictive level design

Upgrading Harvey to be more mobile. maybe jumping 1-2 block gaps and walking up walls. (i would prefer a full redesign of the system in favor of a you make the level and then have to beat it to validate it but i know this is not likely since it would require more dev time and system reworks than just altering Harvey to be less restrictive)

A Trap that makes level pathing less linear

A trap that can be set to on or off then toggled when the genmat is grabbed so more dynamic levels can be created. Currently levels feel to linear even mazes suffer from this.

Social map point cost change

Allowing creators go over map point cost for social maps,

Changing the cost of blocks.

blocks costing 0 for normal maps and just having the map size be the only limiting factor on how big you can make the map, Allowed points would have to be adjusted accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

out of all of these things i think Focus on accolades, a proper downvote system, and changing the way normal maps are found are the most important, a majority of gamers are armature level designers so the game will continue to see a lot of maps people don't like "killboxes" are a good example of bad level design that is also rewarded by the games underlying systems, you also can't find well made maps easily because of the way the current system presents map's to players (this also affects social maps), adding to the issues a majority of the player base is experiencing. Accolade focus, Downvoting and better map finding would increase builder feedback and keep builders more engaged and increase raiders time engaged with the game.


  • wydyadoit
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    can confirm. colorblindness is a detriment.

    it's hard to explain, but i think i have limited blue vision. everything that's supposed to be purple - turquoise looks the same 4-5 shades of blue. anything further from the center point of straight up blue starts to look black or green.

    maybe it's actually limited yellow vision? idk.

    all i know is that the colorblind settings on most games (protonopia, deutronopia, tritonopia - i think) never help. i still can't see the full spectrum.