Outpost running out evry time of GenMat, bad design, low rewards.

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Just uninstalled the game, i runnout of GenMat again, is no point to play again the same happened it can be serius, not joying it just uninstalled, there is no tutorial or what happenen or how reactivate my outpost, this is really bad design and developed game. The objetive are very hard jigzaw's with up to 20 traps and easy can be complete in 40 min with very low rewards, there is not point to upgrade Kimera, there is not rewards hability or new wepons or new stuff, this is a forever grind of the same and so on..is no point of play a objetive if the Maker are building or are blocked the path, very unplseant.


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    you're not raiding enough. the game is simple.

    • raid a base to earn genmat and currency
    • level up your chimera with genmat to earn currency
    • successfully raid a legendary base 3 times for bonus currency
    • legendary bases give all 5 genmats
    • use currency to progress
    • build a base for passive genmat (not currency)
    • kill raiders and earn accolades to level up your bases.
    • destroy traps, kill raiders, and kill guards to occasionally earn bonus currency.
    • rank up by doing raids and killing raiders to earn end of season cosmetics

    not sure how this is hard to understand.

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    Sadly, this game may not be for everybody. It can be difficult and has a bit of a learning curve; but I think that is the point. This game seems to me to be a pvp for diabolical masterminds and courageous spelunkers; and you have to do a bit of both.

    Just raiding will get stale. Builds will be too long or too hard or you may get so good nothing is even a challenge anymore.

    Just building you may not get enough to sustain upgrades/trap/prestige/new lot cost.

    I didnt see the point of leveling up the chimera, until i noticed it giving 500 of each resource. The boosts seem kinda meh to me for right now, but once I have resources to burn, I will start using them.

    I find it odd people expect to build one base and have it last forever. Gotta keep it fesh and moving; make new things, try new trap combos, upgrade and make sonwthing better than a 20+ trap/guard killbox.

    Watch your replays. Iis possible after the N-teenth tine of watching somebody die to an exploited corrosive box or your mob of 20+ guards, you might decide its time for something new.

    As far as raiding taking a long time (for those who still play or are starting) I suggest to look for 'small' builds in normal and dangerous. Sometimes medium and almost always large builds are gonna be a time sink. If it isnt some super long winding maze it will be trap and guard spam with just a pinch of something to stop speed runners.

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    All of this. Gaining Synthite is not hard if you just bother to raid a few times.

    However, the lack of raids on your own outposts is a significant issue, and definitely impacts this a little (no raids = no loot to farm)

    I feel like something fundamentally needs to change to fix this, because 1-3 raids every 24 hours is not sustainable, If you fail to meet Prestige 5 requirements, then that outpost is dead, you will reset prestige points and it will never make up the difference to get to P6.

    Yet it's not something that 'more players' will resolve, because more raiders means more builders which means more outposts to compete with.

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    I think it has to have something to do with how outposts are allocated to players.

    Each time you log in, you're given 15-18 potential outposts to raid, however chances are, you're completely ignoring at least 10-12 of these based on difficulty rating, and maybe even 16-17 of them if you're only levelling one particular advisor.

    Those ignored outposts are probably lost raids. They've been allocated to you, and all outposts are likely allocated to a similar number of players, which means there's one fewer prospective raider out there to raid it, simply because the Brutal Weapons outpost was allocated to a player who only runs Dangerous Trap outposts.

    They should decouple builders advisor relationships from raiders advisor relationships, and refresh outposts that haven't been selected more often.

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    The Accolades system is BHVR being BHVR. They never know how to organically encourage fun gameplay. They create systems that are at odds with each other. DbD has the same problem, trying to encourage gameplay that's fun for the opposing side with the emblem system, but playing efficiently to win is totally at odds with the emblems and it creates constant friction and unhappiness. BHVR doesn't seem to have learned a damn thing and did it in MYM as well. "Winning" for Builders is getting kills, but designing a quick and easy Outpost to get kills isn't going to be considered fun by the majority of Raiders, so BHVR put in the Accolades system to band-aid that. What they've created is a mess that wants to be multiple things and fails to be good at most of them.

    I feel like something fundamentally needs to change to fix this, because 1-3 raids every 24 hours is not sustainable, If you fail to meet Prestige 5 requirements, then that outpost is dead, you will reset prestige points and it will never make up the difference to get to P6.

    Prestige is like the game's way of saying, "You're popular, people are going to your base, so we're graduating you up and up until so many people have enjoyed your base that it's time to retire it and let people experience new bases." Except, the system sucks at that. Builders have no control over how many people see their base and can have the base live for 24 hours and never get a single Raider. Some bases don't even get to last for 24 hours, some only last 12 hours, and for those bases things like region and time of day can kill them and how is the Builder supposed to reasonably deal with that?

    Then, if your base doesn't get enough Raiders, it expires and you have to spend Synthite just for the chance that players will see it with no guarantee they will see it and certainly no guarantee you'll get a single Raider. That sucks.

    People who enjoy building want their creations to be experienced, and they feel that grinding for and spending Synthite should mean their Outposts are experienced. BHVR pushes that Outposts are GenMat extractors and that's what you're spending Synthite for, to extract GenMat, and while it's extracting GenMat Raiders can come try to steal it. That's where a large amount of friction is coming from: what Builders want and what BHVR wants Builders to want are two different things.

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    Just let us leave bases active for raiding after they are depleted. Having to grind genmat just to keep them open and then getting 2-3 raids on them has gotten very old very fast. I'm not sure which is worse, getting 1 raid over 12 hours or getting just enough to be 20 points from prestige 5 and having to reset to zero.

    I've lost interest in raiding now that its become a chore I have to do and that makes the incentive to run other bases less and less appealing.