Proposal for a more rewarding prestige system

Zeodius Member Posts: 1

Hi guys !

To begin, thank you for your work on this really cool game :)

I think the game would gain a lot on player map building engagement if the prestige system could change to a more rewarding system and style with a mechanic of rotation renewal as the actual prestige 10 cap.

My take on the map system :

1 - Maps should all begin at the same matgen generation (like for the exemple 4500), this would involve a change in how map shop is made (only choosing between map sizes and getting random seed from the actual seed pool could be a solution, maybe with even more price gap between map sizes)

2 - Maps should have an activation count equal on every maps (let's say like 20 times), the activation on a map should only be possible to trigger when genmat is fully recovered.

3 - Keeping the same prestige system based on kills + distinctions but with a twist, every prestige level should add more max genmat extraction to the map (let's say to a max of 9K).

4 - When a map reaches 20 activations (based on this exemple), the map cannot be reactivated juste as actual prestige 10 does.

Those changes would make map building more meaningful in three ways :

A - Prevent not prestige climbing maps to live forever in the rotation because of the possibility to refill it as many time as you want, i think this system is actually counter productive for map builders, not encouraging them to make the best map they can if they want their maps to keep producing genmat as long as possible, even more with the fact that you can't decline prestige porogression when you have the required points in the current game state.

B - Give people an actual raison for trying to go as far as they can in the prestiges, giving their maximum (if that's their thing ofc) to build the best maps they can because they will actually get rewarded for it (if you get prestige ten in 10 activation because your map performed, then you'll have full genmat generation for the next 10 activations ! :) ).

C - Give players a more self challenging experience on map building. "Your map didn't made it to P10 in 20 activation ?" -> "Try to do better next time !". "This time it did on the 15's ?" -> "Try doing even better ! :)"

I really think that with this system, map builders would feel even more satisfied when they actually try hard to make a well performing map (fun / artistic being existing distinctions, this do not actually mean forcing to do deathrooms) and climb prestiges, not being afraid for their maps to get pulled out of the rotation quickly and getting rewarded in (i think) a balanced way.

I really hope my message will have a chance to get to be read by the game devs / game designers !

Alright, I'm getting back to building deadly maps ! :)

GLHF Everyone !