A fix for Alt-f4 exploiters

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A simple fix to a major problem is when the game closes suddenly, either force closed or actual disconnect from a crash or power loss, is when the player logs back in they automatically reconnect to the last map they were on, IF they were raiding. Now to make sure that people don't come back after a long period of time and find themselves on a random map, there could be an internal timer of between 10-30 minutes before the game forgets what map you were on. A last thing would be after that time frame, the game would count that as a loss for the raider, and give the builder the points from the attempted raid.

This simple fix would do 2 very important things. 1- This would prevent exploiters from leaving maps without having to take an actual loss. Even if the last part wasn't added, they would still lose play time and be punished for trying to exploit. 2- This would allow people who do actually get disconnected for various reasons the ability to get back in and try to beat the map they lost connection to.


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    I've been disconnected from a map before, and I was sad it wasn't in my list so I could return to it. It would be nice if BHVR kept track of something like that so a Raider could return to it after a crash/disconnect if they choose to.

    be punished for trying to exploit

    Rather than do that, it would be better to remove the exploit and the reason for exploiting altogether. Players should not be penalized in Rank points, at least not before reaching Master. Rank is not actually competitive before reaching Master, it's just a battle pass system of earning points for seasonal cosmetics. If Raiders weren't penalized for dying or leaving through the game menu, that would take away one big reason to quit out. (There are other reasons to get rid of penalizing rank but going into them would be off-topic. It's not "oh, reward the people using this exploit," it's that penalizing rank is actively hurting the game in multiple ways.)

    The other thing that needs to happen is for all kills to count for the Builder regardless of how the Raider left the game. The Replay system knows the death count, so that information is there, it's just not being utilized for some reason.

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    And it shouldn't be impossible for them to implement this either. Company of Heroes did the same thing because it was common for people that were just about to lose, to force close the game and it would not show up as a "Loss" on their stats.

    After their patch, any manual force closing of the game showed up as a negative stat.