How I give accolades after a raid.

Most people are different about giving these out, and sometimes they just don’t reward you.

I give out a Fun accolade if I had ran through a non-exploit base. Regardless of how easy or hard you had it and the objective is obtained / unknown tombs.

I give out an Ingenious/ Brutal accolade combined if your setup legitimately was clever, not some death cube or room full of guards, but literally made me say out loud “ oh wow”.. even if I died once or many.

artistic will be given if goes along with the fun standard and you mark your unknown tomb’s location with them being obtained.

accolades help your base prestige without it being so much through kills. So don’t be an exploit user, or death cube player.

this is how I determine if your base gets accolades from me, others maybe different.


  • wydyadoit
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    i don't give out accolades because my brain forgets that X button applies them and A button continues on to the next screen.

    and it wouldn't be fair to give to others what i forgot to give to one. so now i dont give them out at all unless a base really wows me.

    at the level i'm at i've seen pretty much everything there is to see.

    though i think the community will like my next base. it's going to be different from everything that i keep seeing.

  • Darkyan
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    Same with Square and X for playstation

    I actively hover on "Artistic" press X, and I drown in regrets as my screen turns Black and I just lie to myself "Yeahh, maybe it wasn't that great of a base after all." ):

  • TragicSolitude
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    I felt sooo bad, there was a base I visited yesterday that I really enjoyed and I gave them a Fun (if I don't hate the base I give it a Fun) and was giving them an Artistic, too, except yeah, I did the thing: I pressed X instead of Square. ):

    I don't understand why BHVR did this one thing different from every other interaction, and it's a feature that's of huge importance for Builders. I think a lot of console players skip giving Accolades without meaning to, and console hugely outweighs the PC players so yeah, this button thing hurts.

  • UmbrellaWeapon
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    Yes, I fell victim to the X and square also after match, more than I often wanted to. But , I try to remember.

  • zuth10
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    I'll generally give one accolade in whatever appropriate category seems right unless they make something really killboxy or just poorly designed. And I'll give two for those that clearly put some effort, whether in the aesthetic sense or the trap design

  • Oh_Bob_Saget_86
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    For me:

    Fun=Just that. A clever designed base where traps work off each other.

    Brutal=Pretty much any "Killbox" i come across

    Ingenious=My highest rating which combines good design and trap layouts that resemble a "Chess" strategy. (They figured out what moves the player will make and design other traps to be one step ahead and catch them off guard)

    Artistic=Your outpost is crap and is just a single long route of nothing till the end which is filled with an impossible amount of 2nd wave exploits etc...or a huge base with such spread out traps that sooner or later you die from the simplest one simply because the experience is so long and boring, you become numb to what your even doing. And, people who only design using the "Concrete Block" (On a large scale) to make you wonder if every block is a holocube.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    1 and done = fun

    Died alot = brutal

    I had to think about it = ingenious

    Looks good and took time = artistic

    Everybody gets one,

    There isn't a base i wont tough it out until I take the genmat and get out

    If you hit two of these criteria then you get two

  • Chordyceps
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    If I have fun playing a base, I give it a fun. Usually for me that involves the opportunity to use my full loadout. I like using the Plasmabow a lot, so bases with more enemies are typically more likely to get fun accolades from me. If a base has an excessive amount of stall I'm a lot less likely to give it fun.

    Brutal is one I only give to bases that I think actually earned their kills. Sure shoving a ton of plasma sentinels and hornets into one room fits the definition of brutal, but I'll be damned if I give a base like that a single accolade. If I'm giving a base a brutal accolade, it will pretty much always be accompanied by a fun or ingenious. If it wasn't either of those things I'm not giving it brutal accolades because I will not encourage cheap kills. Probably my least given out accolade.

    The more open space there is in a base, the more likely it is to get ingenious from me. Hallways are fine, they can work well for some traps, but it gets old if the entire base is a hallway. If a trap genuinely catches me off-guard its also a lot more likely to get ingenious. Some bases have made me say out loud "whoa, that's really creative". Bases that do that are guaranteed to get ingenious from me.

    Artistic is probably the one I'm most generous with. If it's notcibable that you put at least some effort into the base's visual design chances are I'll give it an artistic accolade. Interesting base shapes (both interior and exterior) strongly increase the odds of getting this one, while very flat bases might not.

  • Seraphor
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    Everyone gets at least a Fun providing they didn't make a cheap, low-effort killbox, or intentionally block off or destroy the tombs.

    Brutal for those who made me die a lot (which requires that they make me want to play their outpost enough to die a lot, I won't lie sometimes I just get fed up and leave if I feel I'm not getting anywhere)

    Ingenious, usually if they have a particularly clever set of traps that really made me think, or something completely new I haven't seen before.

    Artistic, if they clearly put a lot of effort into the design.

    If I think it deserves more than 2, Brutal and Ingenious trump Fun and Artistic.

    Sadly, I don't think this is reciprocated, or perhaps the purpose or even the basic act of giving accolades is still too obtuse for players. I probably receive accolades for about 1/4 of all raids I receive.

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    I find it genuinely funny that people (or should I say "Raider biased" people?) whine about killboxes and probably cheer for how the devs are going to let you abandon bases you don't like (aka can't win easily) instead of fixing their Builder progression systems, restrictive base settings and how they favor bunker bases (Not being able to move the genmat lmao) and lack of ability to handle extreme turtling and speedrunning at the same time, partly caused by waaaay too many things being Builder progression, which are the real reasons for killboxes existing.

    Like, it's amazing how so many of the MYM community pretty obviously comes from DBD, they think that Builders should have to come up with 4d chessmaster bases (which are impossible without killboxes because everything is too reactable) to barely get 1 to 2 kills AND that Raiders should easily get the GenMat because "tHeIr TiMe Is ValUaBlE". This level of entitlement, and how the devs are 100% going to go the DBD route for balancing, just lets me know that this game isn't going to last. Or it's going to get yet another unhealthy community for an unhealthy game, which is everything BHVR seems to pump out evidently.

  • Seraphor
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    Speaking of DBD, this "killboxes are the only viable option because of speedrunners" tirade sounds a hell of a lot like "camping is the only avenue left for killers because SWF is too strong".

    You don't need 30 second wave corrosive cubes hiding 30 incinerators and a path full of pistons in order to secure kills. You can score just as many kills by using minimal traps in smart locations, a simple Impaler/Boltshot combo in my experience can be just as lethal if it's in a spot the raider doesn't expect.

    You gain more kills by building an engaging outpost, that makes raiders want to play it. As a builder, you are creating content for other players, that content lives or dies based on how other people like it. You are playing a social game, not a 'death farm simulator'.

    What exactly do you expect other players to do if all they get is low-effort killboxes? Just hand over dozens of free deaths? "Excuse me survivors, you're supposed to get on my hook and stay there."

    AMOGUS Member Posts: 474

    Unsurprisingly, the first one who responds is a name I recognize from the DBD forums.

    Those two things are nowhere near the same thing, speedrunners who understand how to take advantage of the game's mechanics and Raiders basekit, and how lower bases don't have the trap space to really shut down turtling and speedrunning while also creating fatal setups can exploit the weaknesses available.

    And it's so funny that you went for the most extreme example and used that specific wording, definitely confirms that you're bringing DBD balancing mindsets into this, like I expected. "You don't NEED "insert extreme example here"/"thing I don't like to deal with to secure kills, never mind that you do!".

    "You can score just as many kills by using minimal traps in smart locations, a simple Impaler/Boltshot combo in my experience can be just as lethal if it's in a spot the raider doesn't expect."

    Said smart locations don't exist or require mods because everything is reactable or predictable to any smart raider, meanwhile Raiders have everything they need at base to deal with basically any kind of Builder setup, aside from killrooms, or rooms that group everything together to try and halt progress + have defenses to make dismantling defenses through turtling harder.

    That combo also does not work because of grappling and danger sense. This reveals that you're a bad Raider though, since that works "in your experience", implying that you struggle with basic traps that I can deal with easily with a default Raider loadout.

    "You gain more kills by building an engaging outpost, that makes raiders want to play it. As a builder, you are creating content for other players, that content lives or dies based on how other people like it. You are playing a social game, not a 'death farm simulator'."

    I am genuinely laughing my ass off, the fact that plenty would agree with you shows that the devs shouldn't be listening to the community.

    How's this: Define "engaging" and "makes raiders want to play it" in your exact words, raiders pretty obviously want easy bases with easy to predict and dismantle traps, or 4d chessmaster setups that are completely unexpected, so unexpected that most people won't think of them (unless you're trying to deadass imply that Builders should only get kills through 4d chessmaster setups??? Tell me you aren't Raider biased without saying so) to secure kills (that will never work again because it's expected and the game's lack of Builder content, especially that isn't locked, makes this a struggle).

    And no, "uh uh uh don't use things I don't like! and NO KILLBOXES" isn't enough of a definition. 99% you'll describe an easy to deal with base that Raiders with shield will make even easier.

    And a SOCIAL game? Uh, the core mechanics seem to disagree with you completely? Progression existing, currencies, kill count mattering, basically everything in the game??? Have you TOUCHED Builder? You're definitely a DBD fan so I'm assuming you picked a side and stuck with it (despite this game discouraging it), like that study done by that college confirmed that the majority of DBD players do.

    I'll make a topic going on about this, this honestly should be brought to light, but the community AND the devs definitely don't want to look at why killboxes actually exist, and would rather just change the game's penalities to get out of them completely so they can fish for those nice, small, easy bases.

  • Seraphor
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    Heaven forbid I play two games that happen to share a forum.

    "My experience" is watching the replays of raids on my outposts and seeing which of my traps actually score the most kills. But of course I'm not "in the top MMR bracket" so my experience is inconsequential.

    You're literally trying to tell people what they should find fun, in a social building game. This level of elitism is insane. "All players should be super hardcore raiders and I'm offended that people don't like playing at a serious competitive level all the time. You're all sheeple."

    This level of negativity you decided to bring to a topic about accolades, literally a feature about positive player-to-player feedback, is probably the most "DBD" thing to come here yet.

    AMOGUS Member Posts: 474
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    I like how I dismantle everything you said, especially the bits about "minimal traps in SmArT LoCaTiOnS". yet you misunderstand and cherrypick. Pretty typical response.

    "Heaven forbid I play two games that happen to share a forum."

    Nah, you know what I was really saying, don't try this. Or can you not read?

    ""My experience" is watching the replays of raids on my outposts and seeing which of my traps actually score the most kills. But of course I'm not "in the top MMR bracket" so my experience is inconsequential."

    Your players are bad if they're falling for combos like that, and stop trying to use DBD talking points that you don't understand, you can't even understand what I'm clearly saying so they don't work.

    "You're literally trying to tell people what they should find fun, in a social building game."

    Because your logic for what is fun is BAD, and I PROVED how this isn't a "SOCIAL BUILDING GAME". There are too many mechanics that indicate this isn't Minecraft on Creative Mode or whatever you think this is.

    And nothing I've said so far is wrong, you've dismantled nothing and IDC about your "positivity" if certain logic behind your accolade giving is ass or you're demonstrating entitlement in the process. Or something. Maybe try figuring out why someone would be posting negatively in a "pure and wholesome uwu topic".

  • Seraphor
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    You're not "PROVING" anything dude, you're not "dismantling my arguments" or scoring any internet points. You're trying to stir up ######### due to some form of elitist delusion that everyone else is stupid and only you are intelligent and a pro gamer. Just stop. This elitist gatekeeping isn't going to get you anywhere, you won't be able to excise the 95% of the playerbase who are "filthy casuals" to get your pure pro gamer utopia.

  • MadMoeZel
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    take it to dms, you're off topic.

    Fun if it's a base i enjoyed played (if i was forced to stand still i didn't enjoy it, if it has tons of empty space, i didn't enjoy it)

    Brutal if it killed me through creativity not my own mechanical error.

    Ingenious for clever use of mechanics (Yeah, i actually ENJOY RUNNING BASES WITH EXPLOITS) provided it's not a one trickpony where it's the entire thing. be creative, not redundant.

    Artistic - if it's artsy

    none - if your base is repetative and i've seen it before you get nothing.

    that said, even if i didn't care about a base, if i blew threw it in 30 seconds, you get fun and artistic as a token (most of the time)