Accolades (Console button map feedback).

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Very simple request, but it would be helpful for Console players / builders on all platforms. Please make the accolade selection button mapping consistent to every other button mapping interaction in the game.

PlayStation currently has the give accolade as “Square” and back out of an outpost summary as “X.” Xbox currently has give accolade as “X” and back out of outpost as “A” As such, a lot of us seem to be accidentally hitting that bottom button on the controller to interact with the menu out of years of conditioning (the rest of MYM also already functions this way) and builders that deserve accolades aren’t getting them when we’re backing out unintentionally.

To help those of us with years of button mashing that bottom button to accept and right button to back out, please adjust these so that on PlayStation “X” gives accolades and “Circle” backs out while on Xbox “A” gives accolades and “B” backs out of the outpost summary.

Quick Visual of the button layout change being requested:

Give Accolades:

PS4/5 Square X & Xbox X A

Leave Outpost Summary:

PS4/5 X Circle & Xbox A B

Thank you!

Edit: BHVR put in a fix that you now have to hold X or A to continue. It works, as such the thread is now a mute point.

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    for me - it would make more sense if it was:

    xbox - A accept; B cancel; X submit; Y toggle stats page

    PS - Cross accept; Circle cancel; Square submit; Triangle toggle stats page

    in this system - you'd have to actively submit your choices (even if you choose nothing) and spamming any other button would do nothing other than flip some switches and make menu noises.

    and you could see the stats again if you need to instead of only seeing them once.

  • Midnght
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    True either remap the accolade vote button or simply give us the ability to go back to the accolade screen if we mess up and click x past it. Either one works.

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    Funny, I just made a complaint about this same issue. I think many don’t realize they are not leaving an accolade. This needs to be fixed since accolades are more valuable than kills. Even with the fix to hold x, people should be warned that they are not leaving an accolade before continuing.