It's getting really hard to prestige to even level 2

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For the last 3 days I have been struggling to prestige my outposts beyond 1st level.

I have recently build 4 new maps. 2 Brutal big maps and 2 Normal small maps. All custom designs, no copy-paste killboxes, no exploits, all nicely decorated, good looking on thumbnails, even wrote a big "HI!" at the start. I try to make them active during Europe's and America's evening time.

So far I only managed to get enough points for 1 small normal map to prestige and just barely. The brutal big maps I'm resetting constantly because I'm getting 1-2 raids at best before they get depleted, not enough to get the required 75 points to prestige.

What's the problem? I doubt I'm doing anything wrong as a builder. Is there an oversaturation of maps? Not enough people raiding? Probably both, because after 70 hours of play time, I already unlocked all possible upgrades for all traps and guards, all weapons and all suit upgrades, and I'm overflowing with parts (30k) and synthe (8k). So the only reason I raid from time to time is just for the fun of it.

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    Yeah I've has mixed results with different bases. One small normal one that really took off and a brutal one that got a few raiders.

    The ones that don't perform to well or my larger brutal ones I've decided to only activate on the weekends and for a short window during weekdays when I get home from work. (Extra good if you activate around when kids are getting home from school during the week!)