Suggested changes to raid selection/accolade system

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

Raid selection is currently a mess. there is a bug in the game that has many maps displaying 0 meter range for the harvester's path when using the Tier 3 boost from the suits advisor. many players are currently irate and blocking players because they have had an unfun time in ONE dungeon. your block function doesn't remove a single outpost from their roster, but every build the user makes. this is a very heavy handed way to handle things. My reccomendation is to allow builders to mark what 2 accolades they hope to get most of on their base as a way to designate what it is. raiders would then have the option to look up raids based on their accolade flags. so if you want to play a maze you'd look into ingenious, if you wanted to play a killbox you'd look into brutal, if you wanted to play parkour you'd go to fun, if you want to see builds you go to art. and then as players give accolades to a map it can be dropped out of a category by many raiders disagreeing with the one marked by the builder. this would allow a way to prevent killbox maps from ending up in art, or art ending up in mazes.

Social searching is currently CaSe SeNsItIvE searching only. again, there should be a way to search maps based on accolades desired by the builder/rewarded by raiders