Why your Base may not get raided

I’ve been playing since release, the day after to be precise. Overtime I realized what kind of capacity bases get raided more than others. Small capacity bases are more prone to raids due to 2 main reasons

#1. Small capacity = short and sweet

#2 small capacity = manageable death cubes ( not as much fighting)

your medium and large capacity bases only get raided by duos way way way more than solos. But the player base is not as high yet , so very few duos are out there… but they are out there, my medium and large capacity bases may suffer to maybe 2-3 raids on a good day, 1 on a daily basis, which forces me to refill the base instead of prestige. The main reasons why solo’s avoid these types is for several reasons

#1. not enough equipment can be brought to fight off death cubes.

#2. the raider don’t want to spend more than 20 minutes fighting off a death cube, then get killed later, and do it over again.

#3. raider rating , the higher you are, then the faster your rating decreases if you die a certain amount of times. ( example, I’m silver 3, if I die twice, I earn 0 rating points, if I die a 3rd time, I get -30 regardless, you go down in ranking. I’m only allowed to die once to even get points if I succeed, of course more if I don’t die, but you get the idea).

after learning the above, I invested in nothing but small capacity bases, and I get my results.


  • zuth10
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    Yeah I've had a very successful small base at normal difficulty. I've recently prestiged it and added 2 traps and that brought it to dangerous level.

    It's still gets decently raided but not as much as before I did that

  • UmbrellaWeapon
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    Yeah, it’s a battle between “ should I, or shouldn’t I “ , given the circumstances. What I figured, if my base can kill the raider at least 3 times or more, which isn’t always the case but more often than not at all, kind of don’t need anything else if it just throws your base into a different category suitable for Duos or a well seasoned and well equipped Raider if they just really really really got time for maybe 1 dangerous to fill up the chimera once to get that reward. Don’t fix what isn’t broken, don’t add or take away to keep it as close to normal as possible. But I understand all that wasted capacities with prestige, but it’s how you want to spend it. I guess I haven’t done enough research to determine how much traps is needed / augmented to determine the base difficulty, same with amount of guards and augmented.. maybe they’re both equal, maybe one is considered more a threat than the other.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    All my bases get raided hard.

    X4 small bases. 2 normal 2 brutal

    X4 large all brutal

    X4 medium all dangerous

    I'm averaging 200+ raids over rank 10 prestige on all of them. Some have 300+ others 150+

    Some of my tips:

    Noob incentives with normal small bases

    Big and brutal not as scary as small and brutal when thinking about kills per square foot.

    Dangerous is probably the best braket for rank grinders, again small to medium most targeted.

    Keep things regular, 5x outposts active(all the different advisers) @9k genmat (24hr run time) all timed to run together. Prestige together and time out together, ensuring you have the synth to prestige all together when they do time out.

    Clean outposts regularly, i've found whilst clocking the hours raiding others. There is a boom and upswing in hits on clean outposts then a lul until I've cleaned house of all the carnage. Next hour or two a boom and more hits again etc.

    I think this is the biggest factor to getting hits on your bases.

  • Seraphor
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    None of these things can do anything to get your outpost to show up on another players roster. If it's not available to raid, it won't get raided.

    While you're getting 200+ on each of yours, I'm lucky if I get 5 raids per 24hr session, and my one and only semi-successful outpost got to P10 with 82 raids total.

    I reactivated three outposts yesterday, one of them lucked out and got 6 raids in the first 10 minutes, the other two got nothing. Checked again today, no more on the lucky outpost, those first 10 minutes were it's lot. The other two outposts got 5 raids between them.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    Maybe the amount of raids you put in also has something to do with it. I've raided alot this last week. Maybe its your rank? I guess all these things would go hand in hand with what I've noticed while putting in the hours

  • Seraphor
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    I raid plenty, and rank having any baring makes no sense. This just sounds like superstition. There should be no mechanisms that prevent your outpost being raided as much as anyone else.

    The problem is that each player is allocated 15 bases at any time, even though they're likely to only raid maybe 5, or maybe only 1 of those outposts, because they're likely to stick to one difficulty or one advisor type. That mean any given player at any given time has 10-14 outposts allocated to them that won't be raided, left to stagnate.

    But the fact that some players like yourself have no issues while most of us do, is concerning. It means there's a problem somewhere.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    There may be lots of reasons why its not raided that has nothing to do with mechanisms also. Lioe thumbnail, risk and reward, map some etc. But I cant fault what you say if most are struggling for hits.

    I myself rank Master at 250th last I logged in. And my raid style was very particular while grinding the ranks.

    Large bases I only raided if it was the champion raid. Before that I'd always go for the advisor that was closest to rank up on the smallest map for speed and efficiency.

    I've often wondered whats my incentive to raid outside this method? And i assume most will think this way too

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    Maybe you are right. I know I was very particular with my raids ranking up to master.

    Avoid anything that could be a maze or looked overly large in thumbnail, if it had 0 for the Harvey path, or generally there was a small base option available for the advisor closer to level up. Only the champion outposts were raided regardless of criteria

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
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    Often wondered what motivation there was for raiding outside my norm. Why take more risk and lose more points/take more time to rank up? Whats the incentive?

  • UmbrellaWeapon
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    ranking I know for sure has a lot to do with it. After all , they did announce rewards for the effort as well. The effort is the problem, nobody likes any base that takes longer than 15 minutes to raid , for example, a player designs a room with everything imaginable, if they pass it, but happens to die in second wave, they’re more than likely going to leave than to spend so much time on the first wave again.

    also the pure second wave exploit bases, they run wild on brutal.. unbeatable in most cases. Often made out of medium capacity to high capacity because it’s unbeatable. You can’t get your grenades back or your ammo , because you’re limited, and those certain specific traps behind them have infinite ammo. And the Suits being bugged may contribute to this.

    ranking for me at a gold 2 PS4 is like this

    Normal - I get maybe +4 if I don’t die , -30 if I die once. Killing everything or not.

    Dangerous - I get +88 if I don’t die , +23 if I die once, -15 die twice, -30 die 3 times or more. Killing everything or not.

    Brutal- I get +200 if I don’t die, +125 if I die once, +63 if I die twice, +24 if I die three times, -15 if I die 4 times, -30 if I die 5 times or more. Killing everything or not. But with what I listed before on the exploits, it makes me not even want to play a brutal, I don’t even purchase them anymore because no one plays them on PS at least. Believe me, I’ve tried, I got my platinum trophy for this game already and seem a lot of stuff , by far , the second wave exploits is literally killing the player base interest in those type of high capacity raids.

  • MadMoeZel
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    first picture, artistic map on normal, P1 1695 genmat left, 17 raids, 490 prestiege 12 accolades

    second picture, free exp map P1 182 genmat remaining, 39 raids, 1190 prestiege. 44 accolades

    third picture, free exp map, P3 3505 genmat remaining, 61 raids (average 20per prestiege) 1355 prestiege. 73 accolades

    this is why you aren't getting raids. i no longer am bothering to even try making anything creative. yall don't reward or play it.

    i'm running multiple EXP maps in the same difficulty and they BOTH get more raids AND accolades. the playerbase is ACTIVELY avoiding challenges in favor of having things handed to them.