Misleading Advertising: Being Shown Impossible Bases

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This is a nitpick on advertising rather than the actual game, but it goes hand in hand. I’m genuinely a bit confused with what’s going on with the campaign advertising things that are currently impossible in the game, as these are also things players have been asking for.

I understand the point of the Harvester is a “key to fairness” to guarantee levels can be beaten. However, with players asking en masse for HRV to be able to traverse walls or make the same small leaps players can, I find the current advertising campaign a little cruelly misleading.

In the most recent Advice trailer, an overwhelming majority of the featured bases in the trailer (that we were encouraged to make BY the trailer) are impossible, as there is no valid Harvester path.

I understand the point of a trailer is to make the game look as cool and badass as we all know it is! But what is the point in showing us things that we can’t create and have been asking for, and then telling us to go make it?

These are the kinds of creations that’ve been advertised since the game was even announced, and many have been drawn to the game hoping to make creations similar to what we’ve been promised in the trailers only to be told, no, we can’t make that.

I’m politely asking either for more truthful advertising, or give us the same gameplay we’re being advertised.

Here are the impossible bases from the most recent trailer:

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    Not completely false advertising.

    you can very much make these bases, but only put them in social.

    but ya it is a bit misleading.

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    This is what has been bothering me. These bases CLEARLY are trying to appeal to the demographic of players who love games that allow you to create things for others to play, like roblox or mario maker.

    Yet, if they want anyone to actually play their maps, they are forced to adhere to extremely frustrating limitations and have their creativity undercut by them. Every single stage currently available is able to be completed without jumping a single time despite players having a double jump and a grappling hook. How is one supposed to let their creativity flow and make fun stages with these stupid limitations?

    As a raider, I want to be playing bases like the ones I saw in that trailer. Not the garbage that people are forced to put out currently.

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    The trailer is awesome and i thought, "Finally! A clever strategy game with endless raids!"

    But what we got is: Move 1 block, look up, side to side, down, proceed (Or just run)

    The last photo in the original post is what i thought the game would be. A raid with the need for agility and timing to tackle puzzle layout builds (Hence why i think the harvester should have never been employed)

    I get why the harvester is there, but i think it did more harm than good, creating a bad mentality of how things should be made. If builders could, puzzle like outposts that actually require grappling and jumping while dodging or timing traps, i would have no problem if that raid took me 10-20 mins to complete because the whole thing would be filled with excitement. (If its not, i just exit)

    A rough comparison, but the raids from the original Destiny game were awesome. Puzzles, agility, and sometimes multiple paths to take. They took a while but thats because it was a true raid experience.

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    Just to add to my original thoughts:

    I understand that the "rules" can be "broken" by setting bases to Social, but respectfully I don't think anyone wants to put our bases in "Social" just to make these kinds of bases.

    Social raids and bases earn no progress, no accolades, and offer no discoverability to become visible and get played unless you know the specific name and creator ID of the base. With the immense amount of grind to earn all of the upgrades, traps, mods, augments, and rank points, it's nearly worthless to spend in-game currency and up to a dozen hours building an entertaining level only for no one to play it and no progress to be made on it if they do.

    I would much rather either Harvey's movement capabilities be greatly increased, or even new interactive mechanics be added such as moving platform blocks to allow Harvey to traverse greater distances, or something to change somehow so we can build anything we've been advertised without being told that it's an illegal build.

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    Wait you can make these who is to say this is the path to the genmat. this could be the path to a tomb. Also, you can make a path that deteriorates after the second wave by using false cubes and corrosive cubes. I've made a map with this. You can also kill the HRV in the beginning and build whatever you want since most people won't know what way to go.

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    that third picture i cant tell the point of origin if its a vertical or horizontal view. it can have a stair on the other side and is just showing the back of it for artistic effect.

  • Seraphor
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    The solution really is to make social bases more appealing.

    With 'active' bases being the 'bread and butter' of the raiding that provides the most sustained rewards, you could still give a form of 'prestige' to social bases, by making them both more accessible and more incentivising to run.

    Something like a daily or weekly bonus for completing a social raid, combined with some kind of 'highest rated social outposts this week/month' menu. It could showcase truly 'good' outposts instead of the potluck you get from your allocated active outposts.

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    You can make each of these bases, not sure what you are talking about. Just watch some base building guides on YouTube.