BHVR Portal DLC?

For other games, doing DLC that includes other games would be bothersome, but it's basically half the reason DbD has done so well to this point, so could we get a Portal DLC?

Imagine having moving portals that spit out different guards, pathways, trap-activations, etc. Giving portal guns to raiders might be a bit too hard to counter and aside from that I'm not sure what they could add for raiders directly, but it would make bases way more interesting for both parties to build and go through.

Just saying BHVR, ya'll get licenses for so many games, this would be an amazing addition to MyM.


  • MythicMikeneto
    MythicMikeneto Member Posts: 65

    A 'Portal' skin set for blocks, decals, and traps... name your price, 'You monster' and take my money.

    The cake is a lie.

  • RaidenHusky
    RaidenHusky Member Posts: 35

    I mentioned this last week to, it would be AMAZING if they got the licence for that!

  • Redbeard_Steel
    Redbeard_Steel Member Posts: 32

    Apologies! It was brought up in a stream I was watching and the more I thought about it the more it just sounded amazing. Imagining stepping through a portal into an active crossbolt trap, or having a portal open up behind me to activate a flame thrower would be hilarious and ridiculous. I didn't see a recent post about it (granted I haven't been on the forum much the past few weeks) and while I'm sure others thought about it before me, I'm just SUUUPER hopeful this could be a thing, if any company could pull off a weird licensing, it'd be BHVR.

    They may miss a lot of things, but EZ money has rarely been one. :D