Your target number for kills in a single raid?

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My curiosity stems from builders making these crazy kill boxes and raiders being upset builders don't have to beat their own build.

My personal goal is 1 kill per single raid. A low bar for sure. If I get you with any single one of my hairbrained set ups, it puts a smile on my face; then I start rooting for you (the raider).

Killboxes seem to try to want to prevent the gen mat from being gathered at all. As a raider, if I get to a point where the deaths are double digits and I haven't even gotten close to the gen mat, I am out. Without progress, enthusiasm and desire to complete your base diminishes.

Raiders dont have to throw their bodies at an 'unbeatable' base. Without kills, less prestige; not enough prestige, base goes to social (and likely eventually destroyed).

Builders, as you build in the future, I would suggest considering

  1. Making sure you know how to beat your own base. Whether you test it or not, make sure there is a possible concept to beat it. It is easier to beat when you know all your secrets, but at least you know you can do it. This is a strong desire in the community and is basically on the honor system.
  2. Create a base you would want to run. If not getting the gen mat and dying upwards of 99 times is your thing, good on you (please run my bases and just intentionally die im my traps, I wont mind); that way of pkaying usually isnt for others.
  3. Raiders are supposed to get the gen mat (even in overload mode). Making impossible bases (and hiding them in normal and dangerous) is not good for the immediate health of the game. It helps over all for balancing and endgame purposes, but the player base is much still in its infancy. Many players are new, not everyone played the beta (I know I would have but I didnt know it exsisted). Many dont even reload their grenades or have all their raiding weapons.
  4. Know your target and build what they like. Speed runner or Caustious spelunker. Hardcore raider or sheepish custodian. Melee or ranged. Traps or Combat (guards). Small/medium/large. Normal/Dangerous/Brutal. Each appeals to a different player and the will be more apt to put in the effort if they like what they face. Sure you will get some 'dolphins' in your net if death (and leviathans that overturn your ship) but the dolphjns can always just leave if they arent having a good time.

For perspective, I hang out in normals in both raids and builds. I jump to brutals for every third (Champion) for big advisor level ups and do the occasional dangerous when I feel frisky. I build hoping to get raiders like myself. I know they will have a good time.

If a pro rolls in and 0 deaths my base; doesnt feel great, but I didnt build for them.

If an unprepared player rolls in and get frustrated and leaves; doesnt feel great, but I didnt build it for them.

If a mediocre player rolls in and gives it their best. dies at least once, but learns the base and succeeds; I built for them and I hope they had a good time.

Your target number for kills in a single raid? 19 votes

21% 4 votes
52% 10 votes
21% 4 votes
5% 1 vote
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  • wydyadoit
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    my goal is based on the duration of the base's life cycle. the ultimate goal is to get it to prestige 10 and then retire it.

    to do that i want to create as efficient of a base as possible. where the base kills enough per raid to earn the prestige needed to make it worth paying the synthite to prestige it.

    as it is also a part of the ranked system and allows for passive currency.

    accolades are a bonus.

    if my base kills higher level players then those are worth more in terms of value.

    i also only run overdrive bases. meaning that any genmat that gets stolen is a big loss to the overall active time. which means i need to get enough kills to offset a loss of 300 genmat or whatever.

    300 is 3.34 percent of 9000. and adds up if you get a lot of raids.

    with that in mind i need to make about 500 genmat per raid.

  • Redbeard_Steel
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    Personally I settle for 2 kills. 3 would be ideal, but 2 is good for me. More than that is just gravy, and while I'll never turn down 7 kills from a raider, none of my bases are so good that you should die that many times anymore. Get lost in them? Sure, but dying that many times shouldn't happen unless you're very new.

    As for the kill box map builders, I'll try em a few times, sometimes if I get real close I'll try again a few more, but generally 3 deaths to bad builds and I'm out, block the person so I never see their maps again, and move on. That person will either fix their crap or eventually just never have anyone raiding their bases.

  • Seraphor
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    0 is disappointing, 1 is ok, 2-3 would be ideal. Double digits? T-thank you?

    Kill boxes are dumb. It's attempting to throw everything at a raider to make it impossible to beat. It's a 'checkmate' scenario that even the builder knows they wouldn't enjoy facing. And the thing about 'checkmate' is that it ends the game. I will abandon and you only get 1 kill.

    It's like camping in DBD, sure you've ruined that one survivors but if the other 3 aren't stupid they slam gens and leave.

  • Dreamnomad
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    I built a normal difficulty map that I got to prestige 10. The average death rate was 4 and the total number of raids was close to 100. I was pretty happy with those results. It was fairly popular too. I had quite a lot of accolades. I don't know if I'd be very happy with a map that got less than 3 deaths on average. I've built more difficult maps that had higher kill rates but they didn't get nearly as many people raiding them.

    So I feel like I've dialed into a pretty sweet spot in terms of difficulty and map size. I'll keep experimenting though. Obviously the goal of map maker is to get as many kills as possible but to do it in a way that keeps the player coming back for more. If it's obviously nigh impossible (which is easy to do) then people will take one look at it and abandon the mission.

  • chezpizza
    chezpizza Member Posts: 120

    My earlier outposts generally had a killratio of 2 to 5. In the beta, it was plenty but now after the game's launch these low killratio numbers means I'm not gathering enough resources and i wont be able to either prestige or reset the outpost. Low killratio numbers won't be a problem if the outpost would get more than 1 or 2 raids per activation cycle. So in order to up my kill ratio I built an outpost with a killbox, that base currently has a killratio of 10 and is kinda sustaining at least one of my lower KR outpost (typically until prestige 3).

  • RicSimane
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    My goal is to have a base that is hard but entertaining. With each death they should learn something and progress further. Between 5-10 is perfect.

    Although I had a non-killbox outpost that had 200 visits and scored over 2000 deaths with a 12 average kill ratio. My best base so far :3 Although now players have more experience and better gear so it's actually harder to get that many deaths.

  • Ilya_Lizard
    Ilya_Lizard Member Posts: 26

    While I tend to agree and expect 2-3 deaths in a raid (and it's exactly the death rate of my bases) I should say, that I never feed the builder double digits numbers of deaths, cause it reinforces toxic base-building practices.

    Usually, if I see a death box setup I quit immediately - after one death or even without dying. And, in general, the dungeon should be very interesting or smart-built for me to stay after three-four deaths.

  • zbord
    zbord Member Posts: 18

    If I don't enjoy my own base, how will others attempting it? 1 kill is fine. I just wish more raiders would explore for alternative paths and not keep trying to follow the HRV's walking path... Just because it takes the "shortest" path doesn't actually mean it's most direct or actually short. I also wish I would come across outposts that build alternative routes more often.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    These comments make me so sad 😞

  • gcuesoterica
    gcuesoterica Member Posts: 1

    I don't think about it. I make a base that I hope would be fun and challenging for a player like me (I am potato at raiding and will never improve.) Some players speedrun them with 0 deaths, some rack up 9+.

    My two active 'dangerous' bases have ratios of 3.6 and 2.0, and my 'normal' is at 1.8. This seems fine.

  • konchok
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    So I aim to get as many deaths as possible. But I also only make normal difficulty bases. In my opinion that keeps things fair, You can't make a killbox at that difficulty so traps have to be clever not overwhelming. I rely on trickery for my kills.

    My 2 bases were 4.2 kills and 4.5 kills average.

  • MadMoeZel
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    My bases have different aims depending on their status. during P1-P4 i aim to make my bases normal with a kill rate of 1-3. i find many casual players quit after 3 deaths average player stays for 5, some stay for 8. a few 0 death it, and on rare ocassion i get double digit kills. this is when AIMING for 1-3.

    once a base hits P5 i move it to brutal, then i have no sympathy for either side. you're going into a brutal champion, the gloves are off. you will die until you win, or give up. that base IS going to be on overdrive.

    i build my champion brutals to kill people who play like me, a meta slave. i run arc barrier, volt lancer, flash barrier, and grenades (considering swapping to speed stim). so i make bases that are designed to punish my playstyle. that said, i can still beat every base i make in more than one way. i don't expect everyone to be able to do it, i actually think some of my bases may mandate a shield, but if you're doing brutal champions, you should have your equipment it's your responsibility as the raider to come prepared for the challenge and to know your own limitations. not every base is going to be within someone's skill level right away.

  • Seraphor
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    This is pretty much in line with how I think mine have performed, and how kill ratios should align with difficulty.

    Something like...

    Normal : 1-2

    Dangerous: 2-5

    Brutal: 5+

  • Nahasno
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    There are acutally the possibilties to bind a killbox in your design without making it "boring". I ve build a map with a castle like structure in which you can run around and battle it out with guards and traps. There are ares where i use overkill and there are areas where i don't use it. And sometimes it depends on the direction you go or if you are in a team.

    And back to the topic as a real defensive castle it needs what? A Murderhole! So yes i trapped the entrance to hell and beyond. It' so badly trapped that you can do the whole shabbang in a speedrun in under 3min incl. the extra crypt for the tombs. On the other hand if you want to sneak or to battle your way in, or goof around and explore you can do it - but i tried my damndest to make your life hard and build in a little bit of mindf...

    And since it's a big brutal map i hope you have fun...