Ranking progression

DxveWolf Member Posts: 31

I've been playing since launch since I'm very willing to support bhvr's new game, but it is not feeling like my time is being fruitful, i just barely made it to bronze 2! There's absolutely no way I'll make it to iridescent! (Fine, master! Altho it should be iridescent!!🤭) before the update on June.

Please add a way to buy the reward tier or something, not too expensive tho, unless you prefer i don't buy DBD skins. Or please consider that not everyone will play the game the entire day, and make it possible FOR EVERYONE to get to master.

Pd. Please if you have time and can make it to iri, don't post that here, keep in mind that is YOUR EXPERIENCE, and they need to hear the experience of those who are affected.