MYM needs more world building/story

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The Chimera and the world of MYM in general could be a lot more interesting. (I'm talking about the in-game aspects, not written lore.)

It makes sense for the Chimera to start as a fetus in a tube, but it's boring for it to stay that way. As it evolves, it should slowly become more and more of a grotesquerie. Maybe the changes are subtle, maybe it looks like a Lovecraftian horror, or maybe it has offshoots of what resembles pink spiderwebbing growing and spreading across the glass like a trapped fungus. (It wouldn't be a bad idea to make the Advisors a bit more unsettling as they level up as well.)

The Chimera talks so much (too much, really), its voice is very important, but right now it's rather unremarkable, sometimes grating. You could have made the voice an interesting part of its design as well, having it use a translator and/or a voice modulator or even a telepathic link for which the Custodian can choose their preferred voice (the current female voice, a more emotionless male voice, a very robotic voice; even just two choices would be nice), and if the Custodian turns it off then it's extremely inhuman or an incomprehensible alien language or even a horrible wordless screeching/squealing that makes you want to rip your own ears off.

I know this isn't a story-driven game, but it still feels like a first draft in terms of its world design. If the player looks (and I don't mean reading the codex), there should be more hints and unsettling details hidden around them. Rather than an in-game novel to read if they feel like it, there should be things around the player to discover. Doesn't have to be a lot, even just a few little things that raise questions without answers and give players something to discuss: visual world building, cryptic clues, snippets of redacted documents, incomplete transmissions. You don't have to explain everything (or anything, really; I feel the codex often overexplains).

There's a bit to be gleaned from evolving the Chimera and leveling up the Advisors, but it never changes and players quickly begin tuning out the dialogue (or get annoyed at its frequency and repetitiveness). The new Hellscape pack has some flavor text that hints at a more interesting world; I hope it's expanded upon in the future.


  • not_requested49
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    same, when i started out i was excited to see the chimera transform with each level...

    so as i watched as i evolved her for the first time.. nothing different happened so i was just like "oh, well mabye its just not noticeable until higher levels"

    needless to say, nothing ever changed, and am now at level 40 on the chimera

  • Seraphor
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    As we're about a month into the games life and it's going to run for a while with multiple expansion packs, I'm not surprised we haven't had any progress in the lore or development of the Chimera yet. But I would hope that this comes with updates to the game.

    More tribute levels (why it caps out at 7 which you can reach in a matter of hours is beyond me), that unlock snippets of lore, would be a good thing.

    As well as a visual update of either the Chimera, or the hub base (I notice there are closed shutters behind her/them, what's behind those?) for increasing Chimera level, would be great.