2 triangle blocks preventing player from passing through

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I have recently discovered this type of trap in a few outposts and I'm starting to wonder if they are an exploit. To my understanding a player should be able to pass through triangular blocks if there is space. Apparently this particular configuration of them prevents player from passing through. I did tests and was unable to get on the other side of it.

So now all we do is place an incinerator behind it. A single flame can pas through. A player with a sword cannot destroy the trap. A player with a bolt gun can destroy the trap but cannot retrieve the bolt even with the maxed out range of bolt retrieval. Basically all we can do about this is run away from it.

Now all we do is put such trap all around the outpost from different angles. Player can either run past it or destroy max 3 of them after which they run out of darts with not way of getting them back.

What do You think about this? Is this a valid design or is this exploiting the fact that player can't past through 2 triangular blocks.


  • Darkyan
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    Flamethrower wedge glitch is a common exploit known to players yea.

    Don't even bother playing those as soon as you see two downward wedges like that. Those players don't deserve your time.

    Edit ; you can actually trick the hitbox and pass through with a good grapple, but a stupid counter to that is to simply put a lava block underneath so that you can't grapple at an angle that would let you pass.

  • ASpookyWraith
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    Interesting. I have this kind of thing on an outpost of mine with four guards (the intention was to give them a bit more cover and be harder to hit) and via testing I could actually get in, in between the triangles and pick up my lancer stakes, so I assumed it was safe. (Sounds like I should fix this.)

    Maybe the hitboxes could be slightly fixed to allow the passage of the player a little easier?

    I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the corrosive cube being there. I mean obviously that makes it way harder to test because you don't have all the time in the world to get in there, vs. my setup where it's just empty space beneath that block, so you have time to figure out how to get in.

  • Darkyan
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    Two downward wedge with a hole underneath the middle ( Lava cube counts as a hole )

    it lets you go in, but not go out unless you pull some shenanigan.

    Usually forcing people to leave the game if there's a lava cube since it's a pure lock

  • RicSimane
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    Yeah, the corrosive cube leaves no space for grappling at the right angle and no time for error

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    Got stuck in one of these "traps" without a lava cube wanting to retrieve my ammo. It wasn't exactly set up the same, but no matter what I did, and I spent a good time trying, I couldn't get out. Had to abandon the outpost.

  • cubanchris
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    Thats brutal. I always leave a suicide cube.

    I think it is fair game for trap design. BTW it makes the fire trap easier. It wont activate unless you sit in the center you can hug the sides of the wall and it will not kill you or activate, even if the fire is out. This is my master rank pro tip. I like it as a force move when you're freaked out, but it literally cannot harm you if you are on the wall.

    Now second wave invisible cubes... That is an exploit.

  • RicSimane
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    Since I created the thread I learned a few things:

    • Apparently you can destroy the trap hidden behind those triangles with a sword.
    • It's possible to somehow squeeze through triangles if we spam leaning left and right but it's hard

    I still believe that devs should allow players to normally squeeze through it

  • cbird2796
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    Devs need to just limit those wedges pieces from going into that configuration. i would think it’s on their fix list.

  • Seraphor
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    This would probably be harder, and more limiting for builders, than simply tweaking collision settings to allow players to squeeze through. It's clearly very close if reports of being able to make it through with certain manoeuvres are true.

  • magic1236
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    Ya you would need to use the lunging sword since it has the distance it will make it easier. And not sure if it’s a glitch or an exploit but when you lunge, even if you get stuck it will make it as if you hit the trap even if you aren’t next to it. It still take the same amount of time though as if you did get to the trap

  • not_requested49
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    i really dont understand, if they dont do this how else are they going to get kills? i dont even think its a strong "exploit" either because they can just go to the side very easily where the fire cannot hit them

    good players can easily beat an outpost that has traps set up "normally"

  • Darkyan
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    I'm reading this reply, sort of, maybe a tiny bit sarcastically so my bad if I didn't pick up on the right intention ;

    Good builders can also ingeniously beat a raider without the use of permanent exploited traps and glitches.

    And while it's not exactly broken strong in hallways, it's annoying to stick to walls for the entire brutal raid while dodging warmongers and cannonbacks underneath the assault of AoE sentries.

    and if you put it on the side, during a staircase hallways at the very top, 4 blocks away to prevent bolt retrieval, that leads to a kill room it's possible to forcefully take two bolts from a raider permanently or deny door camping which forces the raider to jump into the box for a free kill. (Well it's not entirely fool proof, you can place yourself just right to not get burnt, but you can fix that by simply adding another wedge glitch flamethrower in the back of that staircase and now you cover like 60% of the liveable space on that door block. )

    you get the point, it's just not a trap that should exist.

  • MadMoeZel
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    what is boils down to is that anything that causes a raider to "lose an ammo" is WRONG in their eyes. because giving them an economic decision as to if a trap/guard should be shot or ignored is an unthinkable trauma they can't possible be forced to endure. ammo eating traps absolutely SHOULD be part of the game, especially since they cut off over 75% of the traps firing range.

    why does everything have to be super easy, and have absolutely no trade-offs for it to be valid or good? you can't get your ammo back from an optional trap that didn't block the entire walkway, that didn't have to be shot at. how is it the builders fault that you couldn't figure your way thought the puzzle without shooting that one fire that has EIGHT OF ITS NINE FLAME JETS BLOCKED. like for real. how much easier does it need to be? 8 of the flames are BLOCKED AND UNUSABLE and that's still too hard just cause you can't get your little bolt back. it's pathetic. grow up, get better, pick your shots and stop blindly pulling your trigger like you have 10,000,000 rounds. you don't have a machine gun for a reason, shots are supposed to matter.