Dead by Daylight deco pack rework is still bad

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More rust has been added to the texture on the Dead by Daylight Deco Pack Blocks Set, reducing the resemblance to the metal on Traps. This should help you spot traps more easily without altering the visual intentions for the Deco pack

Yeah, no. This deco pack is still bad. It's not just the colour that's the problem and adding some rust makes almost no difference. Almost all blocks and decoration in this pack are super dark and desaturated plus they have a lot of details. It's a visual nightmare and traps blend with it perfectly. Compare that to default blocks like the white brick wall or the yellow container that use light, saturated colours and are generally quite smooth and you will see the difference.

I'm really getting sick of dying to Impalers that are right in front of me, that on any other block set would shout "I'm here" but on DbD set they still just blend with everything.


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    The DbD deco pack rework is ugly. They didn't just add some rust, they made the stuff outright brown. Those blocks made for good roofing and industrial areas and there's no way to replace cubes, I have to dismantle my Outpost to make changes.

    I wish they'd made changes that didn't turn the deco pack into such a repulsive eyesore. I get that the DbD deco needed something done, but this wasn't it: this doesn't fix the problem and it ruins the entire look. I cannot see ever using these blocks if they stay like this.

    without altering the visual intentions for the Deco pack


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    Maybe practice a little more? I haven't had any issues distinguishing traps from DBD blocks, before or after the patch.

    Of course bright yellow is going to contrast with grey metal...

    You can sidestep nearly every impaler that isn't flanked by another trap.

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    I already have at least 40 hours of raiding practise. It's just pure colour theory. Materials with similar hue, saturation or color will blend more. Yes, you can spot them, but there is a huge difference between spotting a trap on a high contrast surface and spotting a trap that clearly resembles the background.

    Every time someone builds an outpost using high-contrast blocks they just put themselves at disadvantage. This is the exact reason we are seeing so many DbD outposts. People know this and people are going to abuse this.

    Also this depends on one's eye-sight, room light, screen quality etc. Maybe You play in a perfect environment and Your vision is flawless but not everyone has such privilege.

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    I dunno, I think they look good and I prefer the muted aesthetic.

    If every level had to be garishly contrasting colours where traps stick out like a sore thumb and there was no chance of ever being caught out, not only would I find this game incredibly ugly, but it would get incredibly boring never being surprised by anything.

    If anything I think you should be able to conceal traps with decals. You can already discern the shape of the trap, that's enough, not being attentive to your surroundings should catch you out. As it is, every outpost is the same anyway, turn a corner, see the incredibly obvious trap, shoot it before it activates, turn a corner, repeat.