I Want Sticky Grenades!

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Come on, this is a staple of FPS games. It would really come in handy for ceiling traps too. There has been more than one dungeon I've visited with tons of plasma traps on the ceiling. It would be so nice to blow them up with grenades!


  • Darkyan
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    All hail sticky grenades. Cant wait to use that on a group of 10 dead man warmonger

    Edit ; I'm tired of accidentally bouncing grenades back at myself by clipping stupid ledges so i stopped using them.

  • magic1236
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    pff, why use them like that. Instead during co op stick them on your partner so they can go on a suicidal breaker charge XD

    I just realized that would be an intresting suit perk. Maybe only viable in co op, but one where when you die you explode destroy stuff in an X distance

  • MythicMikeneto
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    'Ok buddy, hold this, run in there, and hug something."

    "I dont like the sound of this plan...'

    "It will be fine, Ill rez you after"

    Doesnt rez them. Gets the get mat and leaves.

    Diabolical and I love it.

    On the suit mod idea: The consunable pheonix item makes thst work. They ciyld also build in a thing that drops a pheonix, and started your self detonation timer. When you pop, you rez where you activated the suit.

    This idea needs to happen. The builder gets a kill and the raider solves a kill box. I see no down side here. Everbody wins.

    On the note of stickies; I agree if the blast radius is smaller or you get even less than 2 of them.

    I have made builds/seen builds with grenades in mind. Deep slopes and pits for grwndaes to go iff into useless nothingess. Stickies would defeat all that.

    So while I agree with the use to destroy plasma cubes, I disagree with the unexpected uses that counter other valid building techniques that would come from it.

    I hope for a happy medium sticky-nade somehow.

  • Dreamnomad
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    No reason the player should only get 2 sticky grenades. Sometimes the very fact that they are sticky can backfire. Base builders can adapt accordingly. Ultimately, it's up to BHVR to balance the game.