Synthite Economy Suggestions

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I want to start off by saying that I am greatly enjoying the game, thank you for your hard work. My largest concern has been the synthite economy, especially for players who prefer building. I don't personally favor raiding or building more than the other, but I am struggling to maintain any synthite even with the boost active, but i never find myself low on parts or cells. I think the core issue is that the resource sinks for synthite are more demanding and less rewarding than the other resources. It is possible to enjoy Meet Your Maker by only raiding without ever touching the building aspect, but the same cant be said about building. One solution would be to shift around the costs of either claiming sites or prestiging them. I think a pricing scheme like this would help the resource economy:

-Players start out with one active outpost slot, and more could be bought with a large one-time synthite cost.

-Claiming burial sites would still cost synthite to claim.

-The cost of prestiging costs cells rather than synthite.

-Things that cost parts are unchanged.

These changes would make well made outposts more of a positive feedback loop of currency, since the genmat gained from the outpost would directly lead to more cells from tribute. There would still be plenty of things to spend synthite on, but the constant drain on synthite would be reduced.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope I have put things down in a coherent and helpful way.


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    this would simply just make it so that you have much more synthite than you do parts

    i think a more helpful solution would be to reduce reset costs or have them automatically replenish over time

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    I have 15 maps at current, 3 of them mastered. several are champion rank and the others i am currently working towards champion. all of my maps have been prestieged or reset if they failed prestiege cutoff. my outposts bring me in about 1000 synthite daily after upkeep costs. i run 2-3 at a time currently but i can run all 5 if i feel like it (i've been having creative block so i've got less maps atm) i raid about 4-5 brutals a day, normally in a co-op to help others who have hit something they are struggling hard on (i think it's important to show players every dungeon can be beaten)

    synthite is very difficult to keep in quantity if you actively are unlocking everything. my advice is to get an ideal outpost you'd like to craft in your head and streamline for those traps/guards and their mods/augments and then stick to that format for a while. clear the kills out every 3-4 raids if you can, i've noticed diminshed returns if you try to clear out massive amounts of kills all at once. don't prestiege early, it's a huge chunk of synthite and you lose out on the raided loot. remember that your outposts generate genmat over time and for kills, and for every 25,000 genmat your outposts get you gain a chimera level and 250 more synthite. you also get resources (i think synthite AND parts but i can't remember) for your character level ups which happen at every 50,000. so every 2 chimera levels gets you a level totaling i think 500-750 synthite.

    if your outpost is P1-P4 i HIGHLY reccomend trying to keep it out of brutal. the way they have champion dungeons set up, every other brutal is a champion so you'll only get picked every other time if you aren't one, and you're 1 out of 5 offered options. for dangerous it's 2-1 and normal it's 3-1. so normals get more exposure before it being P5+ matters. once my maps get to P5 i move them into brutal champions because i make challenge dungeons for meta players, speed runners, etc. but i'm doing testing with a dangerous champion this week.

    If you can, try and find outposts that provide "suit" genmat specifically, it's always the first dungeon offered in each difficulty bracket, so people raiding on autopilot often just go into the first option resulting in abnormally high raids on them. he also has one of the most useful boosts so people like to level him quickly. i believe weapons are next popular(?) among heavy raiders as it gives them more parts for consumables if they use that boost. and then for builder mains it'll be the Trap boost which provides more synthite.

    Out of this i'd say for p1-p4 get suits, weapon, or trap outposts on normal, then P5+ move to dangerous or brutal. clean your kills at 3-4 raids. pick a type of outpost you want to build and make that your signature for a while.

    hope this helps