Was HRV logic changed?

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Prestiges my base to six, adjusted/added some traps, set it to active, and logged off. Next day after the update, I logged in to watch some replays and Harvey wasn't moving at all. I loaded into the base to collect my kill loot, and Harvey is now trying to climb the outside of my outpost. He had a functional path before the update, but my now prestige 7 base can't be activated because Harvey won't walk the same path he's had for the last six prestiges.

I'm loving this game, but I can't redo this entire base in the hopes of finding which block Harvey suddenly doesn't like. It's set to social for now if any devs or players can tell me where Harvey is getting blocked at.

Willard's by mas-punk.


  • Darkyan
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    I see "Sharon" by mas-punk

    But no Willard