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Hi guys,

So I write here cause Im not sure you read comments on steam forum.

I played 40h during beta, and almost 70h right now after launch. And I cant play more. Why ? Cause its impossible for me cause of crashes.

Its not just because I crash every 30min or every 1 hour. Its more than that.

I cant play cause HALF of my replays have 0 death when I can see 10-15 kills per replay but guy crashed (intentionnaly or not). So I dont earn prestige to upgrade my outpost, I dont earn synthite to upgrade outpost or buy traps and I dont earn rank points.

I cant play cause when I try to raid to earn some synthite for my outpost, I crash most of time.

And its WORSE since your last patch.

This crash problem appeared during beta, almost 2 months ago. I, as a lot of players, reported it. And we still have crashes. A lot for a lot of players on PC. Nothing new at release and nothing new after 2 weeks and a useless patch.

I let a review on steam saying the game was good but Im gonna change it.

Im gonna say that its not a good idea to buy your game now. Cause its unplayable for me and for other players right now. Cause you cant resolve the problem in 2 months. Cause your patch focus more on achievement on steam, than on bug exploit in game (2nd wave traps through lava for ex) or bugs on features (multiple bugs on replays).

Cause you seem inefficient to fix crashes in 2 months.

Right now, we (builders) see a lot of replays of raiders, trying to raid our outposts, then crashed (count 0 kill in replay so), then sometimes come back, finish our outpost with 0 kill. So no rewards for builders.

Because of your imcompetence to fix crashes, you have to prevent raider who crashed to lose rank point, but in fact, you are just punishing builders right now !!!

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