Give us colors, please

RicSimane Member Posts: 42

Please give us more colors to paint our outposts. This whole game is just 4 colors so far:

  • dirty red
  • rusty blue
  • puke yellow
  • poo brown

Just some basic color swatches. I need green at least.


  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    Started an entire artistic building in poobrown before noticing I was gonna use Red props. Had to change the entire thing back xd

    +1 Need more color decals and ability to change original block colors from a palette

    If I want red, green and blue containers, I shouldn't need to paint every single blue container cubes with red decals.

  • Cyba_Zero
    Cyba_Zero Member Posts: 21

    Don't forget white! Also the new hellscape update added 'fleshy pink'.

    But I wholeheartedly second green.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,139
    edited April 28

    You also get a nice 'sand' colour and a darker grey if you have both the Necropolis and DBD packs.

    I'm sure the first DLC pack will give us a bluish-green to go with the marine theme.

    Makes a decent selling point for future DLC.

  • TragicSolitude
    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,608

    There should be basic paint options (that don't count as decals). A Builder can spam clockwork props for maximum noise pollution at 7 fps, but Builders can't paint blocks green to imply grass.

    We also need glowing blocks (which can be different colors) that are just decorative. A lot of people use the Corrosive Cubes as decoration but those increase the difficulty rating (and can cause people to avoid your Outpost because the Boost can't tell the difference between your very cool glowing lake and a killbox).

  • zbord
    zbord Member Posts: 18

    I'd love to be able to put the yellow and black caution decal over the full blue decal or various other color combos, but you can't stack decals. Having an option to change a block's color would be cool. The container for example, being able to place it as the blue it is or cycle between yellow, red, green, etc. Rather than covering it in one of the limited color decals grey, white, yellow, red or blue.