Make the Iron Claw indestructible or give us a mod that does.

Amaroq64 Member Posts: 89
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It's bad enough that some sweaties have watched some youtuber out there who told them "if you just keep walking, nothing will get you".

It's broken that they can do this with the Iron Claw too, since the whole reason it exists is to stop them from just walking away.

There's a gigantic claw made of pure iron embedded into their body from behind, and they just wave their sword at the empty space in front of them and it explodes and lets them go on their way.

They should, at minimum, have to turn around and shoot the base of the trap with the Volt Lancer to make it stop reeling them in. If they didn't bring an anti-trap ranged weapon with them, then they should have to wait until they're reeled in before they can destroy it.

Not just go "Wee Woo, Wee Woo, now I'm free" and keep walking away like nothing happened.