Constant Freezing

NotJared Member Posts: 224

Platform: Steam

My game has been constantly freezing, either immediately after boot up or usually shortly after loading screens or interacting with advisors. I have to open Task Manager to close it.

It's not crashing and sending Unreal reports.

If there is a way to get my logs, let me know (as I am unaware), but the game is nearly unplayable for me, having to restart it almost every other raid I do.

Nothing consistently recreates it, it seems random.

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  • L3goury
    L3goury Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 5

    Same here and for information, on steam, the 4 first posts are about game crashing.

    On this 4 posts, 90 players said they crashed (freeze mainly). Crashes are random, every 5-10 min for most people, sometimes 1 every 2h. But still, its crashes. And you last patch just made it worse !!!

  • Skarlaxion
    Skarlaxion Member Posts: 43

    i have the same problem, but i thought this problem connected with my half-dead ram