Enemy Types and the Future

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Right now we have four enemy types: Warmonger, Enforcer, Cannonback, and Hornet.

All of them have the exact same mods (correct me if I'm wrong).

We have the big melee brute, he charges right for you and can be scary in large groups or tight spaces.

The shooty man, he is basically fodder, but can shoot you from really far and is effective when placed at interesting angles.

The flyboy, if you don't like mosquitoes you probably don't like these guys either. They are very mobile (because they fly) and their projectiles, while slow, can home in on raiders that remain in sight.

Explody man, technically you can make everyone explode, but he can make boom from a distance. He loves slopes and hates raiders on his slopes.

I think that sums them up pretty well.

We need more enemies.

I want to see a stealth melee enemy. A lot of us have become very good at spotting the holocube, the next step to challenge us is a wavering silhouette of a small invisible abomination.

We need some kind of boss enemy. The other guards make fun of them, because he can't fit through one block tunnels, but he earns his keep by being much scarier and more durable.


  • wydyadoit
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    youre right about them all having the exact same mods.

    i also mentioned a stealth unit on another post so i support the idea.

    obviously there should also be a flamethrower unit and a grappler unit since the easiest way to make new content is to take the already existing content (incinerator and claw) and give it a guard model.

    of the 9 traps you have:

    boltshot - enforcer

    impaler - warmonger

    bomb ejector - cannonback

    plasma sentinel - hornet

    that leaves:

    corrosive cube

    death piston



    and iron claw

    all of which can be made into a guard with similar functionality.

    also important to note is the differences beteeen traps. some are full on blocks like sentinel and corrosive cube. others are attached to the side of blocks, but don't take up the space in the block (boltshot, incinerator, bomb ejector). and lastly there are "extender" traps that take up the space and attach to already existing cubes (death pistons and impalers there could be a minor variation to get multiple versions.

  • Tsulan
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    I would like to see a rolling death ball. Something that roles along a path, at a really fast speed, with blades attached.

    A spider like creature, that can walk on the ceiling and drop itself down.

    A slow moving brute, that blocks a path (like a piston).

  • Dreamnomad
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    I like the idea of a boss type creature but I feel like there will have to be a limit of one per map or it would get really dumb, really fast. Even then it will be tricky to balance because it's not like map builders are going to put a boss creature in a room by itself. Flamethrower, Grapple and Stealth mobs all sound good too.