Too easy to skip Accolades

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For about the first 20 raids I thought I was giving accolades, but finally realized that X on PS5 I was actually not selecting the accolade I wanted to give but was continuing to the next screen. I eventually realized that I needed to press square to select. I know I can’t be the only one doing this. I feel that screen needs to be reconfigured or there needs to be a pop up warning that you are continuing without leaving an accolade.


  • Seraphor
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    It should be impossible to skip now that you need to HOLD the X button to submit accolades, but apparently some still don't realise that they're submitting without selecting any. So yes, it needs to be made more clear or changed, because I'm still receiving virtually no accolades despite giving them every raid.

    This needs to be included in the tutorial as well, in addition to Forgotten Tombs, I still see in the vast majority of my replays, raiders completely ignoring Tombs even when they're right in front of them. It makes it seem pointless to build around them and signpost the with decals etc.

    I even have one outpost where I have two entrances, one for the main path to the genmat and one to the two Tombs. I had one raider who went in the second entrance, walked right up to the tombs, smacked every wall except the tombs, and ragequit because they couldn't find their way to the genmat.

  • Darkyan
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    I just witnessed someone walk to my 3 tombs, stare at them, confused about the noise, and then walk back to find their way to the GenMat.

    If I had nails, I'd be bitting them right now in pure anxiety.