Should 2nd wave augment be removed from corresive cubes until the bug/exploit is fixed.

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So should the 2nd wave augment be removed from corresive cubes until the bug/exploit is fixed?

If you are not already aware - some builders are putting traps behind Corrosive cubes with 2nd wave augment however these traps are being triggered even if they do not have line of sight.

Personally I haven't seen many outposts that utilize this augment unless they are intending to use the exploit too. I mean once you've seen the entire room is going to be a lava pit upon grabbing the genmat trick, it's pretty obvious the subsequent times. Maybe if we got to choose the skin the block mimics, like it needs to connected to another block to mimic it.

Anyways back to the question, I'm seeing this exploit more and more frequently especially in brutal. I feel the 2nd wave option for the Corrosive cubes should just be removed at least temporarily until the bug is fixed.

Should 2nd wave augment be removed from corresive cubes until the bug/exploit is fixed. 10 votes

Yes, remove the augment until it is fixed.
30% 3 votes
No, keep the augment.
50% 5 votes
Meh, I'm fine either way.
20% 2 votes


  • Seraphor
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    No, and you can even see the boltshot in your screenshot. You could have shot that, and you could have retrieved your ammo, there's a space between the cubes.

    They do need to come to a conclusion and implement some consistency, but I think the following should be true:

    • All guards and traps should be able to see through corrosive cubes, both first and second wave.
    • Corrosive cubes with the Opaque mod should not be seen through, whether in first or second wave.
  • chezpizza
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    I came down the ramp, you would not have been able to see the bolt trap until after it triggered, probably why they didn't bother with the opaque mod.

    Regarless, this and other outposts have many setups like this with Corrosive backups. Meaning in there is another 2nd Corrosive cube/ trap combo, should I try and retrieve my bolt.

    I would agree some consistency would be nice. Honestly if BHVR made shooting through corrosive traps part of the trap, i'd be fine with it, so long as splatter was on by default and is able to destory the trap or guard that struck it too.

  • chezpizza
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    So one annoying thing about this exploit is the Opaque mod sometimes looks like it also has the soild mod. This is the typical trap set up I normally get.

  • Aeniema
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    Hardended on Lava gives a honeycomb pattern on it. Also I thought this lava block thing was an 'intentional' mechanic. Traps are incredibly slow at being triggered, if this gets patched it remove any "suprise" element because Holgrams are mid.