Fix wave 1 corrosive cubes blocking traps from firing

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I've seen a lot of players complaining that wave two corrosive cubes combined with traps is unfair and being exploited.

I'd like to add that most of us feel its wave one thats bugged and traps should fire through a corrosive cube regardless.

The argument against this is it hard and I dont like it, its unfair because I cant figure out how to beat it. (Can very much be beaten and yes!!! the builder has beaten his own raid, as have multiple other raiders! Some even with a perfect run still!!) Can you believe it!

The reality is these are permeable objects that are penatrated by everything always. Be it player ammo or traps once triggered by line of sight. Plus there is an actual mod that makes them non permeable.

Why traps don't fire on wave one is the real issue. If you can shoot through them to destroy a defence, the defence should be able to shoot back through and destroy you.

That is the basis of this game if we are talking about fairness

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    it was originally designed that way. they changed it due to feedback during the beta it would seem. idk. i wasn't part of the beta.

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    Nobody wants all-traps-behind-two-layers-of-corrosives meta. Those traps would be pretty much indestructible without shield weapon, and claws would be extremely hard to deal with. Not impossible but annoying, boring and not friendly to new and not so experienced players.

    And those would be everywhere, just like second wave exploit is but worse because there's no reason not to do that if intended plus you have one free mod slot for splatters. With current system you at least have to be creative with angles and LOSs. And you want... what? Easy building mode with even more obnoxious killboxes protected from any observation? Do you really think that's healthy for the game?

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    But seriously whats the alternative to a challenge as you put it?? Boring and mundane? I've give fun accolades out of pity to keep bases alive. And ranking 250 master and climbing i can say my average KD/RD is less than 1.

    I've clocked so many hours over the last week and I can honestly say 99% of bases I raid i can walk to the genmat and walk back out in 1 smooth ongoing motion. I don't have to stop, I take out every gaurd and trap along the way. Rarely have to grapple and anything I've missed a shot on is deflected with shield. And this is not speed running I could do it quicker if needed and for a bit of kick.

    I've 500 flash barriers saved up, more bombs as i just don't need to use them. Never once needed a phoenix thing and the speed stick was utilised in my first days until I realised you don't have to run you can literally walk every base.

    Melee weapons are useless as is the skin and the buff that go for them as 3 shots with quick reload and long retrieve is all thats needed to destroy a base

    If this is the meta you want the game amd gamers will die of boredom.

    Literally the only thing that's making this game fun and interesting at the moment is things you can't see!! As everything you can is slow and defunct.

    What will kill this game is not a certain meta as the DBD community keeps trying to make us believe.(meta by the way will be determined by devs ability to offer up solutions and options) Its the soft DBD community who wants a base to bake you a cake and offer you some tea.

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    I should also add everyone keeps saying these bases are everywhere.

    They're really not. There is a few but they are not meta. And they are not difficult to beat either.

    Blocking players all the time because you can't raid a base is going to make MyM a lonely experience for those who do.

    I give 100% to everyone i raid. And always give an accolade regardless.

    If you got 5 kills out of me then Congrats 👏 you actually gave me a challenge, 10 or more you know I raged but I still walked out head held high. Again some fun for once.

    I also appreciate those who give my bases 100%

    Nothing more disappointing than the snowflakes who die once quit when they see a kill box or too many guards on a ledge, and by most accounts I see here.... block!!! Like the no accolades folks who are so salty because it was difficult.

    Put that in to contrast for most people reviewing there outposts and raids at the station, you have solos 1 shotting the same base with ease. Or the try hard who died 40 times and took the best part of an hour, but figured it out and walked out head high, proud and better off for it.

    I know what kind of game id rather play and with who I would play it with

  • MythicMikeneto
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    I have so many mixed feeling about your post.

    I agree that raiders should strive to be better and not be afraid of losing a couple lives in the process.

    On the flip side, riduculous spam of things, because builds are literally trying to achive a raider not getting the gen mat (then whine when they walk away from their base after a couple deaths,) is not good for the game.

    This would all be different if/when everyone has everything availible.

    All too often I see raider roll into my base with a big red 0 on their grenades, an empty hardwrae slot, a 2/2 bolt gun, and the basic blade. Many bases are gonna be hard when you arent prepared with gear or skill.

    As a raider I dont enjoy spending a huge amount of time in a base just to run into post gen mat CC spam. Without the shield (often claimed to be op by builders) its really not a good time (for me).

    If I give it my 100% (which admittedly isnt much) and I am crashing like a wave on your killbox or long difficult base, I am out. You got your kills. I give up, your gen mat isnt worth it. Moving on.

    So far, I only felt one person deserved a block (like within my first 10 raids) They wasted 30 mintues of my time on a long boring base. I died to a random dart trap and really didnt want to do it again. They had killed Harvey at the start (which I have since learned how to fix) probably to hide the real path to the genmat.

    Even now, I have considered unblocking them as my decision was hasty and based on inexperince.

    As much as this post makes sense, the majority of the gamers want easy raids to top out master and gain resources to unlock stuff. This bring me back to; once everyone has everything, their tune might change a little bit.

    As more content releases, the gap between newb and veteran will grow even greater. It is unclear how that will affect the state of the game.

    Enjoyed reading your contrasting thoughts on the game.

  • PinkiePie
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    The problem with this game is that nobody knows what it is designed for.

    -> For hardcore players? No,the traps are so slow to spring and you can literally walk into most bases if is not one killbox zone.

    -> For competitive players ? No, The advantage to raider is way too big, making a base is too punishing if you don't abuse of stupid mechanics.

    -> For casual player ? Maybe, But the existing rank system and the presence of killboxes does not seem to be the case

    -> For creative people ? No,making a pretty but not deadly outpost will penalise you too much. The activation fee is ridiculously high