Are you struggling to get hits on your base still?s still?

I don't seem to be having any issues or ever have done. Wondering what the problem really is?

Are you struggling to get hits on your base still?s still? 9 votes

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  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    There's time where I get 1 raid per day, then the next day after a prestige it goes to 7 people in the morning.

    And then today I got 2, eventually, like any other outpost I get a spike of people at around prestige 4-5, maybe 20 in a day.

    Ratio of around 90% double accolade votes so I imagine it's a decent outpost.

    But yeah, the curve is abysmal at time.

    Spent a little over 4 hours designing it to be fun, and so far I think I got a little over 25-30 visits total after 4 days.

    Just got 6 more days to go before all that work is void, hope I hit the spike tomorrow and have some fun stuff to watch

  • Tsulan
    Tsulan Member Posts: 14,943

    Yes, i still struggle with the one base i put the most effort into. I have refilled 2 times now, but i won´t refill a third one. Simply doesn´t feel worth it.

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 3,773

    20 in a day? That's the total I got for level 5 prestige on an outpost that gets accolades too.

    (I've given up, again, this time for a couple of month.)

  • Seraphor
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    edited April 25

    This is a successful run for me, and it was still not enough to prestige. This outpost is also on the cusp of Brutal, so I can't even make any changes to it, just refill it over and over.

    You can also see the sort of results my other outposts get.

    Additionally, the raid count doesnt add up. 2 are missing, despite only one of the replays showing a 0 death 0 genmat result (which actually had 3 deaths)

    The funny this is, it's not a hard outpost, as the kill rate from the replay menu would imply, despite the game thinking even one additional basic cube would make it Brutal. It has one room with nothing but 4 Enforcers, 1 Hornet and a couple of Impalers, followed by one surprise holocube-corrosive cube trap combo, after this is another holocube hiding three Warmongers, then a final holocube + claw trap and impaler combo, before the genmat. Second Wave consists solely of three additional Warmongers who approach the genmat.