What happens when you work on an outpost while it's active?

There have been times when I watch a replay and have to go in to make tweaks to my outpost while it's still active. Sometimes I even change it temporarily to "social" while I am tweaking, just to be safe, then switch it back to active.

Once when I was doing this, I noticed I got 20 new kills on my outpost once I exited. They weren't there before I went in (took me 10 min max for tweaks), and there was no replay of anyone with 20 deaths. I even went back in to check who died, and there indeed was 20 fresh death spots of a raider whose name was absent from replays.

Which makes me question, Do raiders get yeeted off an active outpost, if the builder goes in live to make some minor changes?


  • Darkyan
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    edited April 23

    Raiders keep in memory your last updated outposts in their folder.

    So if your "Dangerous" outpost turns into "Brutal" while you're updating, it doesn't matter because the raiders that rolled your outpost keep your "Dangerous" version until it cycles.

    Essentially, your 20 deaths were from your old outpost version, possibly even some tags stuck in the wall or resources falling off the map if you made any structural changes

  • MadMoeZel
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    when you enter a map it goes inactive until you leave it. it pulls it from the roster entirely. any player in the map will finish the last live version. source- experience, had my game crash while i was entering my map to collect loot, never loaded in, when i went back in loot was still there, map was inactive, went in to collect and fixed.