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Created this thread as I'm unable to find another. Feel free to leave feedback in comments. Or add your own player name so others can find you on social.

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  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    WadesBoro -> I can't believe you reversed the genmat and the tomb I was so confused

    Navarre Beach -> For a normal, that was totally ok, died a couple time to controller drift above the lava cubes tho, totally my fault, good trap to teach newbies.

    Mclean -> Very good bloodlust use on the entrance, I hate warmonger spam in close quarter though, I can't say anything about the trap placement themselves since I only died to warmongers clogging up all three hallways.

    Gardendale -> very poor pitfall traps in the box, you had a huge opportunity to make it count in the first hallway, but the combination of a wedge and the trap above a harmless pitfall just basically warned me about the next 5 pitfalls. ( Was there a secondary path to the genmat? I didnt see it ) Oh and the killbox... the claw actually saved me? All the grenades self destructed the entire room while I was just hanging in the ceiling, not sure you intended that. I didn't really try to avoid any traps, the map just kinda cleared itself.

    This text is getting long Part 2 after I finish the other ones

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    Ellington -> I had nothing but praises at the start, looked pretty with the light, first tomb trap had a very good and simple distraction, dead man warmongers on slopes was also extremely good, you had my accolades until I made it to the killbox warmonger spam in the hallway, died to controller drift on the lava cube and quit this one. The lead-up to retry to room is just too far, not worth it, and after that I'm sure I won't find any more ingenious traps along the way so my Fun/perseverence meter is at an all time low.

    You get no accolades, 1 kill from this one if this was ranked.

    Cleveland heights -> I shielded the last lava block, I see what you tried to do, but it was just a few 4 or 6 blocks too short. Very Ingenious use of the secondary paths since Harvey will walk on second wave lava blocks, but could've been better. You can see the lava in the thumbnail. The actual path was pretty bare bone, traps looked like they were just shoved there randomly for numbers.

    You'd get 1 Ingenious, no kills. (More kill if the lava path actually guaranteed a cheeky kill and you forced me through the main path for real), then I would maybe add a fun accolades for switching it up.

    Blytheville -> Impaler above a wedge, below the grenade trap was good. The other traps before the killbox were kinda confusing, I couldnt see the intent with those, especially the claw above the pitfall.

    The shortened killbox was okay, I'm sure you got some kills out of it, and it wasn't an extremely long time sink. The piston flamies hallway was good, died once, then just bypassed it through lava.

    This one would get an artistic for the thumbnail and maybe a fun, I honestly felt like there was only 1 well-thought trap in this entire place, the rest were pretty much copy/paste of other meta outposts.

    Big rapids -> That simply does not belong in normal. Opaque blocks hiding lava cubes pitfalls behind infinite flamethrower. it's one thing if you remove the pitfalls and allow new players to learn about grapple through lava, but other than that, this just felt like another Piston flamethrower trap meant to bully uninformed new players.

    fun and artistic if you put it in Dangerous/Brutal.

    Nothing and probably a blacklist if you put it in normal.

  • Killa_KIA_Clown
    Killa_KIA_Clown Member Posts: 20

    Thanks for taking the time. Killboxes are not for everyone. Personally I love them. Building and dismantling them alike. I also understand why you would blacklist the lava cube hiding the traps as, apparently its a bugged exploit. I can only say from my experience its always been this way for me and when I was first made aware of MyM before beta it was also mentioned to be this way. Again personal opinion is it should be a norm wave one or two but I know its a hot topic.

    For me the most fun to build and watch is Wadesboro with the genmat being free to take and the tomb in the dome. Social it works well. Offical you have to bug Harvey. Maybe they will implement something in the future that will allow more creativity in this regard. Or maybe its best confined to social.

    Either way ty.

    I'd like to see others offering up some socials.

  • Darkyan
    Darkyan Member Posts: 122

    For the lava cube thing, i can actually respect Brutal and Dangerous using it as an ingenious trap. I've seen outpost which were actually extremely fun with the second wave cube.

    But it's just not a trap meant for normal, these guys have bare bone knowledge of those features/exploit and you didn't exactly try to teach them with a grapple decal for example.

    it just looks like an unforgiving new player farm, and as you've seen in the forum, it's extremely frustating to fight if you don't understand it because the first thing they teach new players with the game mecanics is "Traps stop working after 1 burst" in normal.

    Anyway, it was fun trying your bases, i hope to see more cheeky interesting stuff like the ones I mentioned above.

    Side note, Plugging myself ;

    Ps Network ; XxDarkyanxX

    Got 2 bases up in Dangerous. Hope you like them.

  • Dodonator
    Dodonator Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    You used 2nd wave corrosive cube exploit which i hate. Dont wanna play your other maps now since your main focus is on killing rather than making a fun outpost?

  • Dodonator
    Dodonator Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    I played your maps. Fun, ingenious and artistic. Good job

  • Bombzaway8222
    Bombzaway8222 Member Posts: 19

    Just gonna put my username in this thread incase I put up more social bases, I currently only have 1


  • rootisonfire
    rootisonfire Member Posts: 38

    rootisonfire: I have 2 social bases mastered, 1 emphasizes not getting lost while punishing those who try to rush it, and the other is difficult, but not impossible. I would love it if people tried them so I can make them even more fun to play.

  • Oldman79
    Oldman79 Member Posts: 1


    Haven't tried your bases, just leaving my builder name here in case some are interested in my socials. Have quite a few..

    Builder name is Shibito13