prestige lvl 10 mastery

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hello, I find this game really good, but I find the prestige system frustrating, the time to improve your base, to work on it for a long time, to adjust the details little by little so that it becomes efficient, and you are already at the level of prestige 10. your base is no longer useful....


  • Dreamnomad
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    I can understand the sentiment. I've seen some bases that must have taken an extraordinary amount of time to build. But with that said, I think it is actually a wise choice to force players to constantly build new outposts. After all, if you have a base that you are happy with, gets good amounts of kills/raids then what is your motivation to build a new base? It's easier to just keep activating the same one forever right? Then we all wind up playing the same bases and base innovation stagnates. I think 10 is a pretty fair amount of times to recharge a base. If you really like the concept of a base then you can always build a new base using the same concept. Hey, you might even make some improvements along the way.

  • Josalem
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    I understand, it is true that being forced to create new bases allows games to diversify.
    I just find prestige level 10 too quick to reach, maybe prestige level fifteen, or twenty would be more enjoyable. (this is a personal opinion).
    Srry for my english, I speak french ;-)