Fix the D/C no base exp glitch

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There is an exploit right now that people are using where they explore the base, die a bunch of times, d/c and do a perfect run. You get full exp and none of the deaths count towards your rank.

I have pictures to prove. I had a duo perform my base for 45 minutes die 32 times and I got nothing. It still had the same 11 kills i logged out on the night before.

Here is how the exploit works:

Right now, there is a glitch if you alt f4 or close your game out you take no hit. It still records your deaths but you take no hit to rank until you finish it by hitting "f" to escape. That means play the map out figure out the nooks and crannies then quit. Come back in and play a perfect run no deaths and you get full no death exp. let's say you come back and die a bunch again; well quit again and reload. as long as you do a perfect run when you reloaded the game and finish on that the game registers a perfect run to your rank. its complete ♥♥♥♥ because the base builder gets none of your 40 deaths. they just get the 30 videos of you dying but no exp.

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