Rank system and synthite economy centralize a boring meta

CotePathos Member Posts: 31

Punishing deaths with rank loss just encourages the boring slow approach. And low synthite gains encourage avoiding longer bases.


  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,139

    Agreed. With the bulk of synthite gains coming from that sweet 250 dump on levelling up the Chimera, and a pitiful amount from actual raids varying between 0 and 100 (I've had some large outposts where all of the three tombs gave nothing but parts), going into raids with a goal of gaining synthite seems to be petering out. I've found that raiders don't even seek out my tombs anymore, they're too focused on the fastest completion so they can get the genmat and the exp as fast as possible.

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    i am one of the ones who won't go for a treat that isn't on my route. it's just not worth the time to dump into looking for them, or the risk of death once i have the genmat. i'm not really stuck in the grind since i finished unlocks, i just maintain my maps and build mostly. the early parts of the game drain it so quickly though.

    if you need more synthite the best advice i have from my testing is to try to clear your outposts out of any deaths as often as possible. it seems to me from what i've seen since they changed "matchmaking" is that 'less raided outposts' getting reccomended means ones that don't have raids needing to be picked up, so if you keep your floor swept, you get more people, and more people means more kills, and more kills means more synthite. and since you can sweep by going in and coming back out (i'd love a collect button in the base) it's a relatively low maintence thing. i managed to reach my highest total raid count so far on a single map at 133, my previous was 110 on a single map. and those are run in overdrive so they aren't getting full 10 day lifespans either. and the only difference was how often i sweep the floor.