Destroying a Base Should Give Partial Refund

Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,452

So you built a base that stalled out on prestiging. It just doesn't get enough raids for whatever reason. Throwing more resources down the drain keeping it going just isn't worth it. So you decide to pull the plug on the base. Why can't the player get some orange resource refund to help with the purchase of a new base? I'm not saying full refund. Just like 25 to 50%. Seems fair to me.


  • Seraphor
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    50% of the original purchase price would seem fair to me.

    It's largely, if not entirely, not the builders fault if an outpost 'fails'. You can't make people raid your outpost, and everything you can do only affects what the raider does after they've entered it.

  • Nahasno
    Nahasno Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 47

    But why abandon the grave site - you can just build something else in it instead?

    I don't think it the site itself that's the reason the outpost doesn't get raided.

  • MadMoeZel
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    there are some outposts that are purchased as experiments and fail, there are some that are purchased due to lack of knowledge. there are also situations in which you may need an influx of resources and wish to canabalize one of your 200 maps when you can only have 5 active so you have more supplies.

  • hastarkis
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    If you refill the base you loose all prestige points you've got so far but requirements are still there. And if you managed to presrige the base at least several times and then failed... It is super hard to prestige in one cycle from zero, with no legacy points. Even if you create smth new it's possible you just won't be able to prestige it anymore due to lack of raids and/or deaths.

    So you either refill forever or make social. I'd prefer to delete. Also I'd prefer to get refund from p10 bases too. Like, sooner or later we'll have all 200 slots occupied by p10 outposts. You have to delete those to continue building and you get nothing from it. Yes, it's far away now but one day we'll be there.

    50% price refund is fair. Anything better then zero would be ok tbh

  • Nahasno
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    Ok if the sucess of a base is ultimatly coupled with the burial site, than that's understandable.

    I ve a brig brutal rank 3 that i don't get to rank up because of a lack of raids, but i thought that's because nobody wants to play big brutals or at least not enough.

    So if i would make a normal difficulty map out of that big brutal it won't be seen either? That's well at least consistent with all the other issues i have with the game. It sometimes feels if they had three differend developement concepts and just smashed them together.

    We have :

    maps where we can delete all the building elements but not the "history" like accolades and so on?

    raiders getting punished for dying while builders must kill as much as possible to get rewards. Well absolutely no conflict potential there.... o.O

    A Currency and upkeep system that is only barely self sustainable and practically forces everybody to grind. Which btw. enforces the said conflict potential.

    And a Ranking system without a real ranking - it's seems to be more like a level?

    Don't get me wrong i like to play the game most of the mechanics are at least good enough for that, but man that game had potential to be so much more than it is.

  • MadMoeZel
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    a very apt description.

    to increase my base success i don't make anything brutal until it's hit P5, P1-P4 i keep them on normal.