When they tilt their camera all the time like they're hot stuff, but they died 10 times already.

Amaroq64 Member Posts: 97

And the replay says they're going to die 10 more.

It always irritates me when they tilt their camera (just once) after every kill/encounter/etc, like they're teabagging or "flexing on" you.

At least you can laugh at them when they're clearly not as great as they think they are.


  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,549

    I haven't experienced this yet. I suppose it might get annoying but I would argue that raiders can do whatever they want in the game and shouldn't have to worry about what the player watching the replay thinks. I can only recall one time when the raider seemed to leave a message for me. That was when they tried to loot a tomb and got killed by a bolt trap. They nodded after reviving which I took as "laughter".

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,621

    Are we really going out of our way to try and say something is "BM" when it really isnt?

    Honestly though, who actually cares if they "BM" (it really isnt) or not? They died. You got your resources from it. And nobody is forcing you to watch replays.

    And overall, I think it is dumb to get upset over "BM" in a game that is fundamentally PvE in it's structure; you are basically getting upset at someone "BM"ing an AI (guards/traps)... think about that...

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 3,909

    If someone tries to find anything to be offended at, he will probably succeed.

    Not an achievement I would envy though.