Why should I care about ranks?

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They've posted messages saying that at the end of the "season" players with higher ranks will get...something. Far as I can tell there's been no indication of what that something is. I would guess it's Custodian suit and/or weapon skins but they haven't shown off any so far so I'm left wondering why I should care? It's kinda hard to get me motivated about a reward if I don't know what that reward is.

On that note, why are there seemingly no cosmetics, Custodian or base decos, that are unlockable through normal gameplay? Feels like a big hole in the content pool.

Back to the topic of ranks, I don't understand the logic of rank gains and losses, I beat a base with only 2 deaths and I lost 44 points? Why am I losing points for succeeding? This hasn't happened a lot but it has occurred more than once. I don't normally play games with rank systems and I always avoid them if I do, is this common? Am I expected to play perfectly to just rank up? If so that's pretty bad considering my previous gripe about having no other way to unlock cosmetics. I mean I just hit Gold the other day so I'm not doing bad myself but it's the principal of the matter.


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    Now add, that people leave outposts when they die to often, to prevent rank loss. Which might even cause the builder to not be able to prestige.

    All for a reward, that could be something useless like parts or a decal or whatever.

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    Q: What are the ranking rewards?

    I've seen a lot of users repeat that cosmetics will be awarded based upon your ranking at the end of this preseason in June, but I haven't seen anyone from the MYM team say that. The team has said that they can't share exact details on the rewards ( https://twitter.com/MeetYourMaker/status/1646183354146910208 ). During the launch live-stream the team said, "We do also have rewards for the ranking seasons... We'll be including new rewards each time" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW8VCVmjpYI&t=2179s ).

    This at least seems like there's some reward outside of JUST currency, but like you mentioned without having any actual idea of what the reward(s) may be why should you care?

    Q: How are rank points calculated?

    Difficulty of the base, your rank, the builder's rank, and the amount of deaths determines how many rank points you're awarded after escaping with the genmat. Unfortunately there's no shown breakdown of how the system lands on whatever number it calculated, so you're left scratching your head on why the last raid gave you +125, but the one before gave you +88. As you increase in rank your threshold of deaths before you start to lose rank goes down, so like you said at 2 deaths you can lose rank points.

    I'm not a big fan of the ranking system either. As my rank goes up, so does my building knowledge, but that doesn't mean I intend to make even deadlier creations. Though in my failure to do so I lose hundreds of rank points per outpost I have active to raiders who only die a few times. I wish they could use some other metric to determine rank points, but with frequent iterations on each outpost deaths are the one value that remains a constant.

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    Wait, your bases impact your rank as well? Where do you see that? If that's the case that's entirely unfair, you can't control what happens in a base once it's built and available. Even a deathtrap might get plundered without effort if it happens to get a good enough raider in it.

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    When you log in, the game shows you results in genmat gained and sometimes also shows your rank gaining/loss. It's from your bases.

    Idk why you think it's unfair specifically for builders, everything you say also true for raiders who don't know which base (easy spam brutal or clever death trap, high rank builder or not experienced one) they get and whether or not they bring right weapon to beat it first try (even with suit boost). That should be solved by math: good raider won't drop your rank THAT much exactly because the game do know they are good and unlikely to die in your outpost. But the math seems to be unfair (not the rank system itself). You lost 44 points, it's probably because you have pretty high rank and builder's rank was lower that yours. Game doesn't expect you to die even once in those outposts. The games doesn't expect us to die at all, I guess, lol, in a game about learning from deaths.

    Especially if you don't know the numbers beforehand and can't control your behaviour based on this knowledge. I wouldn't even try an outpost I can't die once in without loosing my rank, what's fun in a base without kills? :/ you've leared from deaths, you've finished the outpost and got punished for that. Gross.

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    Outpost rank rewards are meager to say the least. Even with a decent kill ratio.

    Honestly, i don´t even know why we even have ranks in the first place. It seems pointless.

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    True. To give away rewards at the end of season they can implement battle pass :/

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    The ranks don't really fit in a game like this.

    They could remove the ranks tomorrow and most people wouldn't notice/care that ranks were removed.

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    ive got an insider scoop that it's a mathieu cote skin and voice over pack where the chimera says "pretty good job so far" and other famous quotes when you level it.

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    It is a fair criticism that players should know the rewards that they are working towards. No amount of penalty/reward is going to stop me from abandoning an outpost if it uses cheesy strats though.