Bit of a Harvey/HRV modification to pathing.

magic1236 Member Posts: 106

So I know though would be hard to program possibly or it will be complicated coding to do. But here are three suggestions for a bit of modification on the HRV pathing. They kinda intertwine.

  1. have it where HRV’s path could be split in two. The path taken before genmat is picked up and the path taken after m. This would be very situational I know but it will help with the second thing I will be recommending
  2. have the path be able to take into consideration second wave corrosive cubes and holo cubes. HRV already walks over these if they are the shortest path. See if it’s possible to make them be a valid reaching genmat path, as long as there would be a valid, leaving the genmat path.
  3. have It be natural or maybe as a mod, coos be called hidden door if it’s a mod. But have it where HRV could walk through active holocubes that are directly in his path. Could even be where they disable a bit after he dose so and then reactivate. I say this cuse then one could make an alternative exit that is blocked by a secound wave Holocube so you can’t enter it but after you pick up the genmat you can leave from it

as I mention these ideas sort of interwine. You can have the shortest path at the beginning be made of secound wave corrosive cubes. And the exist path blocked by a secound wave holocube. Then after you pick up the genmat the holocube activates and becomes a viable path HRV could walk on since he can walk through the holocube without it being considered to be blocking his path

I just feel this won’t really affect game balancing much and also opens up more creativity. I have seen people do the first idea well. But this just make the idea more accessible and plausible.

i encourage other’s thoughts on this.

and yes I know also it would be nice if HRV had more capabilities such as vertical climbing. Having a zip line or simply able to do certain jumps to have more par core options and such. But this is more focused on the idea of there being a diffrent exist that is not just the entrance sort of plan.