MyM alphabet and numbers

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Hi. I was bored and decided to create alphabet using the carpet path paint. I'm probably not the first one doing this, and I have already seen people writing with lights but here is something different. At least it's better than writing with blocks. I hope you find this useful.

If any letter could be done better please comment.


  • Dreamnomad
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    Great work with limited resources. I do have to say though that some of those are a little rough without context. If I saw the "K", "Y" or "8" in isolation then I wouldn't know what they are. But considering that you've done it with what amounts to 2 paint stamps is impressive.

  • RicSimane
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    Yeah, "K", "Y", "R" and "8" were the hardest to design. I was trying to limit myself only to those 4 carpet symbols although there are some diagonal symbols in the game that could probably help here.

    Now when I think about it, "Y" could be done similar to how "K" is done just mirrored and without the bottom part.

    Anyway thank You :D