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I finally managed to max out all my equipment for raiding.

The suit upgrades are kind of pointless atm seeing how Arc Barrier is the raiding meta and using a hybrid melee/range build is pointless as a result. But I hope that when we get our next set of suit upgrades I can diversify my build a bit a more.

Also a lot of the upgrades are kind of just pointless (at least initially), - 0.1 swing speed for the melee is not really that much, at least compared to the bonuses the ranged weapons gain. But regardless I still went out of my way to make sure they are maxed out.

Keep in mind I slowly worked on doing this while juggling my college finals... it's been a bit miserable.

Now I just gotta work on maxed out the different traps and guards... that's going to be fun... not really.


  • wydyadoit
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    the suit upgrades are not pointless.

    ironside runs crossbows

    kamaitachi runs swords

    both can run the arc barrier, but it's better on kamaitachi.

    the arc shield can destroy:

    pistons, claws, and impalers

    this means you can get a movement speed boost from the act of doing so.


    best combos right now are:

    ironside: bolt launcher + crossbow for ranged spam maps with tons of sentinels, incinerators, and guards.

    kamaitachi: light sword+arc shield for maps that utilize bombs, bolts, and warmongers.

    impalers, pistons, claw traps, holo cubes, and acid pits are a non-issue for either build.


    ironiside's entire kit is based on being able to get your bolts back and makes the game so much easier once you have the 50% recovery range and two fully maxed ranged weapons. you can literally grab your bolts from 1.5 cubes away. meaning you can get them from acid pits that you normally wouldn't be able to. and on top of that you can see where they are and fire them faster.

    kamaitachi is all about movement speed and dashing with the sword. if you read his perks you see that he gets movement speed from destroying or killing (including the harvester) melee lunge speed and increased lunge ranged (this means you can basically teleport with the light sword or dash two blocks with the heavy sword) and if you level up the swords it makes them swing faster (light sword) and swing further (heavy sword)

    there are times now with kamaitachi where i don't even get the animation for the light sword because it swings so fast.

    none of the upgrades are pointless. even a 0.1 increase to swing delay is actually pretty significant even if it doesn't seem like it. the only "actually useless" upgrade is the 0m lunge distance increase on the sledge sword. which is funny that it says 0m. but it has an increase to swing delay also. so it's not a completely useless upgrade.

    THERE ARE useless guard and trap upgrades. armored plating is a requirement for guards.

    2nd wave is basically a universally good option for traps.

    everything else is "meh" or worse.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    My point was specifically that mastering upgrades is pointless unless you run a hybrid build, but even then it's not necessarily meta; albeit my wording was not the best when clarifying that.

    Even your own post basically covers what I said anyways, so it's not like it really matters.

  • wydyadoit
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    mastering perks is useful for the purpose of running crossbow or volt launcher + light or heavy sword.

    shield isn't requried, but you have to know how to avoid getting hit with claws and bombs.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I mean every weapon can deflect claws (this includes the Falconic Plasmabow and the Sledgeblade) and bombs are easy to avoid most of the time.

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    Congrats. I think the class mastery things will become more and more relevant when new custodians are available. Currently it is necessary for me since my ranged custodian is bugged. I have to use the melee suit for both.

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    I'll never be the "speedrunner" type who just walks through a room full of traps and comes out the other side perfectly fine. I have to approach everything carefully. So I see no point in the speed boost ability.

    I also see no point in the increased fire rate. I've never needed to shoot faster than the upgraded volt lancer already shoots.

    So I run Kamaitachi with the speed boost replaced with the extended ammo pickup. I pickup my bolts from 1 1/2 blocks away and I fly across like 3-ish blocks to kill a trap with the heavy sword, lol.