More Social Options (+Subscribe Button)

I'd love to have more social options within the game. Especially the ability to subscribe to specific builders. Even if subscriptions like this only allow you to socially raid a base, I think this would be a great way to reward creative builders (whether they be artistically inclined, or just create really fun outposts to raid). It would also be rewarding to raiders (giving them the ability to quickly and easily search for their favorite builders).

In addition to this, it would be fun if there were additional tags you could add to your base once you move it over to a social outpost. There could be a filtering system when searching for social raids that allows you to filter by tag (and then weight tags higher or lower in the search based upon what tags raiders ascribe to the base, so that builders can't just throw every tag in existence at their build).


  • Nahasno
    Nahasno Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 47

    As the game is if they impemlent that.

    Many will just play social because it will be more fun than the grind. That would be bad for those who want to get a high ranking, because many will use the default mappool just to rank up their bases to get more capacity for social. So that pool will be full of boring repetitive standardized prestige farmboxes and not much fun to play.