The "Second Wave Corrosive Cube" Bug Should Be An Augment

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,335

This might sound a little odd, considering how I am so against this bug being in the game because of how abuseable it is, but I think there are areas where it is applicable and fine to do so.

Im sure people have seen those large killboxes that just abuse this bug for cheap kills. Obviously, since Second Wave is such a cheap augment, and Corrosive Cubes do not cost much to begin with, this was going to be abused to such a huge degree.

And I think it would be best if the mechanic of traps being able to detect through Corrosive Cubes stayed in the game but it had some sort of huge cost to it. Something that prevents it from being abused in large killboxes but still gives it niche applications.

The best middle area, in my opinion, is to make it an augment, like a really expensive augment, so it is harder to use in killboxes and punishes the player for just spamming it by taking away a lot of capacity. It could also have various restrictions such as "fire cannot pass through it" to prevent Incinerator spam.

Since the augment would be expensive, it would reward using them in smart situations, it would also give other less-used augments, such as Splatter (CC), a bit more time to shine since they already have weak/mediocre effects.


  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    honestly i think that targeting through non-opaque acid should just be base kit. the raider can see through it, the raider can shoot for it, there is no reason that it shouldn't work both ways. opaque targeting absolutely needs to go however. (i'd also be totally okay with fire not shooting through acid blocks because of their liquid nature, but i don't care one way or the other.)