Servers Down?

Servers have been down for 3 hours? Anyone else having this?


  • Digfish
    Digfish Member Posts: 108

    I just tried to get on and they were down for me as well.

  • PiXLFiT
    PiXLFiT Alpha Surveyor Posts: 2

    Same same, getting a "The online backend is not available at this time. Please retry at a later time." message.

  • Digfish
    Digfish Member Posts: 108

    It's still down. How have they not addressed this yet? Or at least acknowledged it on Twitter?

  • MadMoeZel
    MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

    which platform, have you restarted your device, have you verified your files, have you tried reinstalling.

    (able to log into steam just fine, have been logging in and out periodically the last few hours)