Need more block shapes

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

I'd like to request some more block shapes

the pyramid block, it's a cutout from a cube, can we get the other half of the cutout? whatever that shape is called? i can build little dais stands going up, but i can't make pits going down with the same uniformity.

can we please get a block that fills the holes left when you put 3 triangles together with their flat faces pointing the same way? currently my only options are to inset that corner, or to have a jutting cube corner sticking out. i'd like a flat face block that fills that hole so it looks smooth and uniform. (i'd also like the corner block piece that gets cut off it it to be added for the same reason i want inverted pyramid blocks)

and for the block that fills that triangular hole, can we get some traps that fit on small faces. things that can go on the pyramid's angled surface, or on the diagonal half-face of triangles. restricting us to full 1 cube sized traps is REALLY limiting.


  • zbord
    zbord Member Posts: 18

    Current three shapes (what I call them) Cube, wedge or slope, external edge or corner.

    Having an inside corner as a forth shape would be great. A corner slope would be interesting and maybe even having a half cube.

    Having small traps or props that could be placed on partial surfaces, would definitely expand options for builders.