Separate Cap for Blocks and Traps?

Shashu Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 6

I think we all agree that most times we feel limited in creativity due to saving much cap for more traps... what 500 useless blocks that are just used to make base look cool... could be put to use for 10 boltshots, or you reaaally want that 1 extra bomb trap and have to sacrifice 70 normal blocks which destroys your good looking base.

I understand it's meant to be a tradeoff, if you want more traps you will get a smaller base, if you make a bigger base you get less traps, but it really does limit creativity.. in looks.

Atm everyone is just going to buy the biggest outpost with the most cap and genmat.. because anything else is useless.

So i'm wondering if separating might be better? what if instead of 4000 total cap for everything it would be 1500 blocks and 2500 traps? or randomly generated caps per outpost? would this give little more leyway in creativity? without worrying you used to much blocks or trying shave some blocks off just to put that 1 extra trap in.

Mabey someone could think of a better example or idea, but you get the gist of it. What you guys think?