Outpost barrier

MadMoeZel Member Posts: 685

a shield on the outpost that until genmat is taken the map barrier is covered in a forcefield. nothing inside the forcefield can fire out, nothing outside the forcefield can fire in. projectiles that hit the field, drop at the edge of it. this will prevent both losing ammo to the sandstorm which is unfun for the raider, and prevent raiders from killing warmongers from a place they aren't able to walk, which is unfun for the builders.


  • TragicSolitude
    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,607

    Yeah, there definitely should be some sort of barrier that stops ammo from landing out in the desert. I've lost a lot of time searching for ammo out there, and one time with the near-zero visibility in the sandstorm I got so turned around retrieving the ammo it took me a couple extra minutes to then figure out where the Outpost was (okay, that might be a me thing, I have no sense of direction).

    There's something about being able to walk out into the desert and into the sandstorm that I like. It makes the world feel bigger, maybe. But just because the player can go out there doesn't mean ammo needs to.