Good, well-designed maps are not getting enough credits/rewards, this is driving good designers away

zivshek Alpha Surveyor Posts: 7
edited April 27 in Feedback

Personally, I don't build any more, after having built 4 bases, I get the intention of forcefully retiring your base after 10 levels, but our maps don't get much visibility, and our hours of work would be hidden from the public forever, then why are we putting the hours in the first place. Don't mention the social mode, honestly, who's gonna search for yours.

I recommend, change the accolade system to push for fun/well designed maps, and eventually, have those maps to be in a daily/editor picks column, have good rewards, not necessarily the currencies (like who can use all the currencies after 40-50 hours of gaming at the current state of art of the game?), just some sense of accomplishments would be enough for me. The current mechanism is punishing creative map designers if they don't make it to kill. One time, I was playing a really great map, that connects all tombs along the way with a bit side quests, and I get the sense of really good progression. I didn't die, but to make sure the owner gets more awards, I had to kill myself a couple of times and gave him two accolades. This is how hard to reward a fun map, while a lot of killboxes easily get 200-300 kills per day, but what's the point, I certainly don't enjoy playing them, one has to be hardcore to beat them, but most people are here to have fun. The accolades need to have different weight, instead of the current four, there should be something like, "Daily Pick!", "Had Fun!", "Unexpected", "Brutal" etc., I mean, we could have daily picks per category, if you want nasty killboxes, go for it! But if you just want to experience really good level designs, there are a list for you! If you fear that the daily picks would direct people away from the normal raids, just put a limit on it, 1-3 per day.